Salmos  Capitulo 30 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 30:1 A Psalm H4210 and Song H7892 at the dedication H2598 of the house H1004 of David. H1732 I will extol H7311 thee, O LORD; H3068 for H3588 thou hast lifted me up, H1802 and hast not H3808 made my foes H341 to rejoice H8055 over me.

Sal 30:2 O LORD H3068 my God, H430 I cried H7768 unto H413 thee, and thou hast healed H7495 me.

Sal 30:3 O LORD, H3068 thou hast brought up H5927 my soul H5315 from H4480 the grave: H7585 thou hast kept me alive, H2421 that I should not go down H4480 H3381 to the pit.H953

Sal 30:4 Sing H2167 unto the LORD, H3068 O ye saints H2623 of his, and give thanks H3034 at the remembrance H2143 of his holiness.H6944

Sal 30:5 For H3588 his anger H639 endureth but a moment; H7281 in his favour H7522 is life: H2416 weeping H1065 may endure H3885 for a night, H6153 but joy H7440 cometh in the morning.H1242

Sal 30:7 LORD, H3068 by thy favour H7522 thou hast made my mountain H2042 to stand H5975 strong: H5797 thou didst hide H5641 thy face, H6440 and I was H1961 troubled.H926

Sal 30:8 I cried H7121 to H413 thee, O LORD; H3068 and unto H413 the LORD H136 I made supplication.H2603

Sal 30:9 What H4100 profit H1215 is there in my blood, H1818 when I go down H3381 to H413 the pit? H7845 Shall the dust H6083 praise H3034 thee? shall it declare H5046 thy truth?H571

Sal 30:10 Hear, H8085 O LORD, H3068 and have mercy H2603 upon me: LORD, H3068 be H1961 thou my helper.H5826

Sal 30:11 Thou hast turned H2015 for me my mourning H4553 into dancing: H4234 thou hast put off H6605 my sackcloth, H8242 and girded H247 me with gladness;H8057

Sal 30:12 To the end that H4616 my glory H3519 may sing praise H2167 to thee, and not H3808 be silent. H1826 O LORD H3068 my God, H430 I will give thanks H3034 unto thee for ever.H5769

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