Salmos  Capitulo 33 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 33:1 Rejoice H7442 in the LORD, H3068 O ye righteous: H6662 for praise H8416 is comely H5000 for the upright.H3477

Sal 33:2 Praise H3034 the LORD H3068 with harp: H3658 sing H2167 unto him with the psaltery H5035 and an instrument of ten strings.H6218

Sal 33:3 Sing H7891 unto him a new H2319 song; H7892 play H5059 skilfully H3190 with a loud noise.H8643

Sal 33:4 For H3588 the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 is right; H3477 and all H3605 his works H4639 are done in truth.H530

Sal 33:5 He loveth H157 righteousness H6666 and judgment: H4941 the earth H776 is full H4390 of the goodness H2617 of the LORD.H3068

Sal 33:6 By the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 were the heavens H8064 made; H6213 and all H3605 the host H6635 of them by the breath H7307 of his mouth.H6310

Sal 33:7 He gathereth H3664 the waters H4325 of the sea H3220 together as an heap: H5067 he layeth up H5414 the depth H8415 in storehouses.H214

Sal 33:8 Let all H3605 the earth H776 fear H3372 the LORD: H4480 H3068 let all H3605 the inhabitants H3427 of the world H8398 stand in awe H1481 of H4480 him.

Sal 33:9 For H3588 he H1931 spake, H559 and it was H1961 done; he H1931 commanded, H6680 and it stood fast.H5975

Sal 33:10 The LORD H3068 bringeth the counsel H6098 of the heathen H1471 to nought: H6331 he maketh the devices H4284 of the people H5971 of none effect.H5106

Sal 33:11 The counsel H6098 of the LORD H3068 standeth H5975 for ever, H5769 the thoughts H4284 of his heart H3820 to all H1755 generations.H1755

Sal 33:12 Blessed H835 is the nation H1471 whose H834 God H430 is the LORD; H3068 and the people H5971 whom he hath chosen H977 for his own inheritance.H5159

Sal 33:13 The LORD H3068 looketh H5027 from heaven; H4480 H8064 he beholdeth H7200 (H853) all H3605 the sons H1121 of men.H120

Sal 33:14 From the place H4480 H4349 of his habitation H3427 he looketh H7688 upon H413 all H3605 the inhabitants H3427 of the earth.H776

Sal 33:15 He fashioneth H3335 their hearts H3820 alike; H3162 he considereth H995 H413 all H3605 their works.H4639

Sal 33:16 There is no H369 king H4428 saved H3467 by the multitude H7230 of an host: H2428 a mighty man H1368 is not H3808 delivered H5337 by much H7230 strength.H3581

Sal 33:17 An horse H5483 is a vain thing H8267 for safety: H8668 neither H3808 shall he deliver H4422 any by his great H7230 strength.H2428

Sal 33:18 Behold, H2009 the eye H5869 of the LORD H3068 is upon H413 them that fear H3373 him, upon them that hope H3176 in his mercy;H2617

Sal 33:19 To deliver H5337 their soul H5315 from death, H4480 H4194 and to keep them alive H2421 in famine.H7458

Sal 33:20 Our soul H5315 waiteth H2442 for the LORD: H3068 he H1931 is our help H5828 and our shield.H4043

Sal 33:21 For H3588 our heart H3820 shall rejoice H8055 in him, because H3588 we have trusted H982 in his holy H6944 name.H8034

Sal 33:22 Let thy mercy, H2617 O LORD, H3068 be H1961 upon H5921 us, according as H834 we hope H3176 in thee.

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