Salmos  Capitulo 45 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 45:1 To the chief Musician H5329 upon H5921 Shoshannim, H7799 for the sons H1121 of Korah, H7141 Maschil, H4905 A Song H7892 of loves. H3039 My heart H3820 is inditing H7370 a good H2896 matter: H1697 I H589 speak H559 of the things which I have made H4639 touching the king: H4428 my tongue H3956 is the pen H5842 of a ready H4106 writer.H5608

Sal 45:2 Thou art fairer H3302 than the children H4480 H1121 of men: H120 grace H2580 is poured H3332 into thy lips: H8193 therefore H5921 H3651 God H430 hath blessed H1288 thee for ever.H5769

Sal 45:3 Gird H2296 thy sword H2719 upon H5921 thy thigh, H3409 O most mighty, H1368 with thy glory H1935 and thy majesty.H1926

Sal 45:4 And in thy majesty H1926 ride H7392 prosperously H6743 because H5921 H1697 of truth H571 and meekness H6037 and righteousness; H6664 and thy right hand H3225 shall teach H3384 thee terrible H3372 things.

Sal 45:5 Thine arrows H2671 are sharp H8150 in the heart H3820 of the king's H4428 enemies; H341 whereby the people H5971 fall H5307 under H8478 thee.

Sal 45:6 Thy throne, H3678 O God, H430 is for ever H5769 and ever: H5703 the sceptre H7626 of thy kingdom H4438 is a right H4334 sceptre.H7626

Sal 45:7 Thou lovest H157 righteousness, H6664 and hatest H8130 wickedness: H7562 therefore H5921 H3651 God, H430 thy God, H430 hath anointed H4886 thee with the oil H8081 of gladness H8342 above thy fellows. H4480 H2270

Sal 45:8 All H3605 thy garments H899 smell of myrrh, H4753 and aloes, H174 and cassia, H7102 out of H4480 the ivory H8127 palaces, H1964 whereby H4480 they have made thee glad.H8055

Sal 45:9 Kings' H4428 daughters H1323 were among thy honourable H3368 women: upon thy right hand H3225 did stand H5324 the queen H7694 in gold H3800 of Ophir.H211

Sal 45:10 Hearken, H8085 O daughter, H1323 and consider, H7200 and incline H5186 thine ear; H241 forget H7911 also thine own people, H5971 and thy father's H1 house;H1004

Sal 45:11 So shall the king H4428 greatly desire H183 thy beauty: H3308 for H3588 he H1931 is thy Lord; H113 and worship H7812 thou him.

Sal 45:12 And the daughter H1323 of Tyre H6865 shall be there with a gift; H4503 even the rich H6223 among the people H5971 shall intreat H2470 thy favour.H6440

Sal 45:13 The king's H4428 daughter H1323 is all H3605 glorious H3520 within: H6441 her clothing H3830 is of wrought H4480 H4865 gold.H2091

Sal 45:14 She shall be brought H2986 unto the king H4428 in raiment of needlework: H7553 the virgins H1330 her companions H7464 that follow H310 her shall be brought H935 unto thee.

Sal 45:15 With gladness H8057 and rejoicing H1524 shall they be brought: H2986 they shall enter H935 into the king's H4428 palace.H1964

Sal 45:16 Instead H8478 of thy fathers H1 shall be H1961 thy children, H1121 whom thou mayest make H7896 princes H8269 in all H3605 the earth.H776

Sal 45:17 I will make thy name H8034 to be remembered H2142 in all H3605 generations: H1755 H1755 therefore H5921 H3651 shall the people H5971 praise H3034 thee for ever H5769 and ever.H5703

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