Salmos  Capitulo 5 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 5:1 To the chief Musician H5329 upon H413 Nehiloth, H5155 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 Give ear H238 to my words, H561 O LORD, H3068 consider H995 my meditation.H1901

Sal 5:2 Hearken H7181 unto the voice H6963 of my cry, H7773 my King, H4428 and my God: H430 for H3588 unto H413 thee will I pray.H6419

Sal 5:3 My voice H6963 shalt thou hear H8085 in the morning, H1242 O LORD; H3068 in the morning H1242 will I direct H6186 my prayer unto thee, and will look up.H6822

Sal 5:4 For H3588 thou H859 art not H3808 a God H410 that hath pleasure H2655 in wickedness: H7562 neither H3808 shall evil H7451 dwell H1481 with thee.

Sal 5:5 The foolish H1984 shall not H3808 stand H3320 in H5048 thy sight: H5869 thou hatest H8130 all H3605 workers H6466 of iniquity.H205

Sal 5:6 Thou shalt destroy H6 them that speak H1696 leasing: H3577 the LORD H3068 will abhor H8581 the bloody H1818 and deceitful H4820 man.H376

Sal 5:7 But as for me, H589 I will come H935 into thy house H1004 in the multitude H7230 of thy mercy: H2617 and in thy fear H3374 will I worship H7812 toward H413 thy holy H6944 temple.H1964

Sal 5:8 Lead H5148 me, O LORD, H3068 in thy righteousness H6666 because of H4616 mine enemies; H8324 make thy way H1870 straight H3474 before my face.H6440

Sal 5:9 For H3588 there is no H369 faithfulness H3559 in their mouth; H6310 their inward part H7130 is very wickedness; H1942 their throat H1627 is an open H6605 sepulchre; H6913 they flatter H2505 with their tongue.H3956

Sal 5:10 Destroy H816 thou them, O God; H430 let them fall H5307 by their own counsels; H4480 H4156 cast them out H5080 in the multitude H7230 of their transgressions; H6588 for H3588 they have rebelled H4784 against thee.

Sal 5:11 But let all H3605 those that put their trust H2620 in thee rejoice: H8055 let them ever H5769 shout for joy, H7442 because thou defendest H5526 them: H5921 let them also that love H157 thy name H8034 be joyful H5970 in thee.

Sal 5:12 For H3588 thou, H859 LORD, H3068 wilt bless H1288 the righteous; H6662 with favour H7522 wilt thou compass H5849 him as with a shield.H6793

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