Salmos  Capitulo 54 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 54:1 To the chief Musician H5329 on Neginoth, H5058 Maschil, H4905 A Psalm of David, H1732 when the Ziphims H2130 came H935 and said H559 to Saul, H7586 Doth not H3808 David H1732 hide himself H5641 with H5973 us? Save H3467 me, O God, H430 by thy name, H8034 and judge H1777 me by thy strength.H1369

Sal 54:2 Hear H8085 my prayer, H8605 O God; H430 give ear H238 to the words H561 of my mouth.H6310

Sal 54:3 For H3588 strangers H2114 are risen up H6965 against H5921 me, and oppressors H6184 seek after H1245 my soul: H5315 they have not H3808 set H7760 God H430 before H5048 them. Selah.H5542

Sal 54:4 Behold, H2009 God H430 is mine helper: H5826 the Lord H136 is with them that uphold H5564 my soul.H5315

Sal 54:5 He shall reward H7725 evil H7451 unto mine enemies: H8324 cut them off H6789 in thy truth.H571

Sal 54:6 I will freely H5071 sacrifice H2076 unto thee: I will praise H3034 thy name, H8034 O LORD; H3068 for H3588 it is good.H2896

Sal 54:7 For H3588 he hath delivered H5337 me out of all H4480 H3605 trouble: H6869 and mine eye H5869 hath seen H7200 his desire upon mine enemies.H341

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