Salmos  Capitulo 58 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 58:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 Altaschith, H516 Michtam H4387 of David. H1732 Do ye indeed H552 speak H1696 righteousness, H6664 O congregation? H482 do ye judge H8199 uprightly, H4339 O ye sons H1121 of men?H120

Sal 58:2 Yea, H637 in heart H3820 ye work H6466 wickedness; H5766 ye weigh H6424 the violence H2555 of your hands H3027 in the earth.H776

Sal 58:3 The wicked H7563 are estranged H2114 from the womb: H4480 H7358 they go astray H8582 as soon as they be born, H4480 H990 speaking H1696 lies.H3577

Sal 58:4 Their poison H2534 is like H1823 the poison H2534 of a serpent: H5175 they are like H3644 the deaf H2795 adder H6620 that stoppeth H331 her ear;H241

Sal 58:5 Which H834 will not H3808 hearken H8085 to the voice H6963 of charmers, H3907 charming H2266 H2267 never so wisely.H2449

Sal 58:6 Break H2040 their teeth, H8127 O God, H430 in their mouth: H6310 break out H5422 the great teeth H4459 of the young lions, H3715 O LORD.H3068

Sal 58:7 Let them melt away H3988 as H3644 waters H4325 which run H1980 continually: when he bendeth H1869 his bow to shoot his arrows, H2671 let them be as H3644 cut in pieces.H4135

Sal 58:8 As H3644 a snail H7642 which melteth, H8557 let every one of them pass away: H1980 like the untimely birth H5309 of a woman, H802 that they may not H1077 see H2372 the sun.H8121

Sal 58:9 Before H2962 your pots H5518 can feel H995 the thorns, H329 he shall take them away as with a whirlwind, H8175 both H3644 living, H2416 and in H3644 his wrath.H2740

Sal 58:10 The righteous H6662 shall rejoice H8055 when H3588 he seeth H2372 the vengeance: H5359 he shall wash H7364 his feet H6471 in the blood H1818 of the wicked.H7563

Sal 58:11 So that a man H120 shall say, H559 Verily H389 there is a reward H6529 for the righteous: H6662 verily H389 he is H3426 a God H430 that judgeth H8199 in the earth.H776

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