Salmos  Capitulo 63 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 63:1 A Psalm H4210 of David, H1732 when he was H1961 in the wilderness H4057 of Judah. H3063 O God, H430 thou H859 art my God; H410 early will I seek H7836 thee: my soul H5315 thirsteth H6770 for thee, my flesh H1320 longeth H3642 for thee in a dry H6723 and thirsty H5889 land, H776 where no H1097 water H4325 is;

Sal 63:2 To see H7200 thy power H5797 and thy glory, H3519 so H3651 as I have seen H2372 thee in the sanctuary.H6944

Sal 63:3 Because H3588 thy lovingkindness H2617 is better H2896 than life, H4480 H2416 my lips H8193 shall praise H7623 thee.

Sal 63:4 Thus H3651 will I bless H1288 thee while I live: H2416 I will lift up H5375 my hands H3709 in thy name.H8034

Sal 63:5 My soul H5315 shall be satisfied H7646 as H3644 with marrow H2459 and fatness; H1880 and my mouth H6310 shall praise H1984 thee with joyful H7445 lips:H8193

Sal 63:6 When H518 I remember H2142 thee upon H5921 my bed, H3326 and meditate H1897 on thee in the night watches.H821

Sal 63:7 Because H3588 thou hast been H1961 my help, H5833 therefore in the shadow H6738 of thy wings H3671 will I rejoice.H7442

Sal 63:8 My soul H5315 followeth hard H1692 after H310 thee: thy right hand H3225 upholdeth H8551 me.

Sal 63:9 But those H1992 that seek H1245 my soul, H5315 to destroy H7722 it, shall go H935 into the lower parts H8482 of the earth.H776

Sal 63:10 They shall fall H5064 by H5921 H3027 the sword: H2719 they shall be H1961 a portion H4521 for foxes.H7776

Sal 63:11 But the king H4428 shall rejoice H8055 in God; H430 every one H3605 that sweareth H7650 by him shall glory: H1984 but H3588 the mouth H6310 of them that speak H1696 lies H8267 shall be stopped.H5534

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