Salmos  Capitulo 86 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 86:1 A Prayer H8605 of David. H1732 Bow down H5186 thine ear, H241 O LORD, H3068 hear H6030 me: for H3588 I H589 am poor H6041 and needy.H34

Sal 86:2 Preserve H8104 my soul; H5315 for H3588 I H589 am holy: H2623 O thou H859 my God, H430 save H3467 thy servant H5650 that trusteth H982 in thee.H413

Sal 86:3 Be merciful H2603 unto me, O Lord: H136 for H3588 I cry H7121 unto H413 thee daily. H3605 H3117

Sal 86:4 Rejoice H8055 the soul H5315 of thy servant: H5650 for H3588 unto H413 thee, O Lord, H136 do I lift up H5375 my soul.H5315

Sal 86:5 For H3588 thou, H859 Lord, H136 art good, H2896 and ready to forgive; H5546 and plenteous H7227 in mercy H2617 unto all H3605 them that call upon H7121 thee.

Sal 86:6 Give ear, H238 O LORD, H3068 unto my prayer; H8605 and attend H7181 to the voice H6963 of my supplications.H8469

Sal 86:7 In the day H3117 of my trouble H6869 I will call upon H7121 thee: for H3588 thou wilt answer H6030 me.

Sal 86:8 Among the gods H430 there is none H369 like unto thee, H3644 O Lord; H136 neither H369 are there any works like unto thy works.H4639

Sal 86:9 All H3605 nations H1471 whom H834 thou hast made H6213 shall come H935 and worship H7812 before H6440 thee, O Lord; H136 and shall glorify H3513 thy name.H8034

Sal 86:10 For H3588 thou H859 art great, H1419 and doest H6213 wondrous things: H6381 thou H859 art God H430 alone.H905

Sal 86:11 Teach H3384 me thy way, H1870 O LORD; H3068 I will walk H1980 in thy truth: H571 unite H3161 my heart H3824 to fear H3372 thy name.H8034

Sal 86:12 I will praise H3034 thee, O Lord H136 my God, H430 with all H3605 my heart: H3824 and I will glorify H3513 thy name H8034 for evermore.H5769

Sal 86:13 For H3588 great H1419 is thy mercy H2617 toward H5921 me: and thou hast delivered H5337 my soul H5315 from the lowest H8482 hell. H4480 H7585

Sal 86:14 O God, H430 the proud H2086 are risen H6965 against H5921 me, and the assemblies H5712 of violent H6184 men have sought after H1245 my soul; H5315 and have not H3808 set H7760 thee before H5048 them.

Sal 86:15 But thou, H859 O Lord, H136 art a God H410 full of compassion, H7349 and gracious, H2587 longsuffering, H750 H639 and plenteous H7227 in mercy H2617 and truth.H571

Sal 86:16 O turn H6437 unto H413 me, and have mercy H2603 upon me; give H5414 thy strength H5797 unto thy servant, H5650 and save H3467 the son H1121 of thine handmaid.H519

Sal 86:17 Shew H6213 H5973 me a token H226 for good; H2896 that they which hate H8130 me may see H7200 it, and be ashamed: H954 because H3588 thou, H859 LORD, H3068 hast holpen H5826 me, and comforted H5162 me.

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