Salmos  Capitulo 95 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 95:1 O come, H1980 let us sing H7442 unto the LORD: H3068 let us make a joyful noise H7321 to the rock H6697 of our salvation.H3468

Sal 95:2 Let us come before H6923 his presence H6440 with thanksgiving, H8426 and make a joyful noise H7321 unto him with psalms.H2158

Sal 95:3 For H3588 the LORD H3068 is a great H1419 God, H410 and a great H1419 King H4428 above H5921 all H3605 gods.H430

Sal 95:4 In his hand H3027 are the deep places H4278 of the earth: H776 the strength H8443 of the hills H2022 is his also.

Sal 95:5 The sea H3220 is his, and he H1931 made H6213 it: and his hands H3027 formed H3335 the dry H3006 land.

Sal 95:6 O come, H935 let us worship H7812 and bow down: H3766 let us kneel H1288 before H6440 the LORD H3068 our maker.H6213

Sal 95:7 For H3588 he H1931 is our God; H430 and we H587 are the people H5971 of his pasture, H4830 and the sheep H6629 of his hand. H3027 To day H3117 if H518 ye will hear H8085 his voice,H6963

Sal 95:8 Harden H7185 not H408 your heart, H3824 as in the provocation, H4808 and as in the day H3117 of temptation H4531 in the wilderness:H4057

Sal 95:9 When H834 your fathers H1 tempted H5254 me, proved H974 me, and H1571 saw H7200 my work.H6467

Sal 95:10 Forty H705 years H8141 long was I grieved H6962 with this generation, H1755 and said, H559 It H1992 is a people H5971 that do err H8582 in their heart, H3824 and they H1992 have not H3808 known H3045 my ways:H1870

Sal 95:11 Unto whom H834 I sware H7650 in my wrath H639 that H518 they should not enter H935 into H413 my rest.H4496

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