Zacarías  Capitulo 3 - King James with Numbers Strong

Zac 3:1 And he shewed H7200 me(H853) Joshua H3091 the high H1419 priest H3548 standing H5975 before H6440 the angel H4397 of the LORD, H3068 and Satan H7854 standing H5975 at H5921 his right hand H3225 to resist H7853 him.

Zac 3:2 And the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 Satan, H7854 The LORD H3068 rebuke H1605 thee, O Satan; H7854 even the LORD H3068 that hath chosen H977 Jerusalem H3389 rebuke H1605 thee: is not H3808 this H2088 a brand H181 plucked H5337 out of the fire? H4480 H784

Zac 3:3 Now Joshua H3091 was H1961 clothed H3847 with filthy H6674 garments, H899 and stood H5975 before H6440 the angel.H4397

Zac 3:4 And he answered H6030 and spake H559 unto H413 those that stood H5975 before H6440 him, saying, H559 Take away H5493 the filthy H6674 garments H899 from H4480 H5921 him. And unto H413 him he said, H559 Behold, H7200 I have caused thine iniquity H5771 to pass H5674 from H4480 H5921 thee, and I will clothe H3847 thee with change of raiment.H4254

Zac 3:5 And I said, H559 Let them set H7760 a fair H2889 mitre H6797 upon H5921 his head. H7218 So they set H7760 a fair H2889 mitre H6797 upon H5921 his head, H7218 and clothed H3847 him with garments. H899 And the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 stood by.H5975

Zac 3:6 And the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 protested H5749 unto Joshua, H3091 saying,H559

Zac 3:7 Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD H3068 of hosts; H6635 If H518 thou wilt walk H1980 in my ways, H1870 and if H518 thou wilt keep H8104 (H853) my charge, H4931 then thou H859 shalt also H1571 judge H1777 (H853) my house, H1004 and shalt also H1571 keep H8104 my(H853) courts, H2691 and I will give H5414 thee places to walk H4108 among H996 these H428 that stand H5975 by.

Zac 3:8 Hear H8085 now, H4994 O Joshua H3091 the high H1419 priest, H3548 thou, H859 and thy fellows H7453 that sit H3427 before H6440 thee: for H3588 they H1992 are men H376 wondered H4159 at: for, H3588 behold, H2009 I will bring forth H935 (H853) my servant H5650 the BRANCH.H6780

Zac 3:9 For H3588 behold H2009 the stone H68 that H834 I have laid H5414 before H6440 Joshua; H3091 upon H5921 one H259 stone H68 shall be seven H7651 eyes: H5869 behold, H2009 I will engrave H6605 the graving H6603 thereof, saith H5002 the LORD H3068 of hosts, H6635 and I will remove H4185 (H853) the iniquity H5771 of that H1931 land H776 in one H259 day.H3117

Zac 3:10 In that H1931 day, H3117 saith H5002 the LORD H3068 of hosts, H6635 shall ye call H7121 every man H376 his neighbour H7453 under H413 H8478 the vine H1612 and under H413 H8478 the fig tree.H8384

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