1 Crónicas  Capitulo 2 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Cr 2:1 These H428 are the sons H1121 of Israel; H3478 Reuben, H7205 Simeon, H8095 Levi, H3878 and Judah, H3063 Issachar, H3485 and Zebulun,H2074

1Cr 2:2 Dan, H1835 Joseph, H3130 and Benjamin, H1144 Naphtali, H5321 Gad, H1410 and Asher.H836

1Cr 2:3 The sons H1121 of Judah; H3063 Er, H6147 and Onan, H209 and Shelah: H7956 which three H7969 were born H3205 unto him of the daughter H4480 H1323 of Shua H7770 the Canaanitess. H3669 And Er, H6147 the firstborn H1060 of Judah, H3063 was H1961 evil H7451 in the sight H5869 of the LORD; H3068 and he slew H4191 him.

1Cr 2:4 And Tamar H8559 his daughter in law H3618 bare H3205 him(H853) Pharez H6557 and Zerah. H2226 All H3605 the sons H1121 of Judah H3063 were five.H2568

1Cr 2:5 The sons H1121 of Pharez; H6557 Hezron, H2696 and Hamul.H2538

1Cr 2:6 And the sons H1121 of Zerah; H2226 Zimri, H2174 and Ethan, H387 and Heman, H1968 and Calcol, H3633 and Dara: H1873 five H2568 of them in all.H3605

1Cr 2:7 And the sons H1121 of Carmi; H3756 Achar, H5917 the troubler H5916 of Israel, H3478 who H834 transgressed H4603 in the thing accursed.H2764

1Cr 2:8 And the sons H1121 of Ethan; H387 Azariah.H5838

1Cr 2:9 The sons H1121 also of Hezron, H2696 that H834 were born H3205 unto him;(H853) Jerahmeel, H3396 and Ram, H7410 and Chelubai.H3621

1Cr 2:10 And Ram H7410 begat H3205 (H853) Amminadab; H5992 and Amminadab H5992 begat H3205 (H853) Nahshon, H5177 prince H5387 of the children H1121 of Judah;H3063

1Cr 2:12 And Boaz H1162 begat H3205 (H853) Obed, H5744 and Obed H5744 begat H3205 (H853) Jesse,H3448

1Cr 2:13 And Jesse H3448 begat H3205 (H853) his firstborn H1060 (H853) Eliab, H446 and Abinadab H41 the second, H8145 and Shimma H8092 the third,H7992

1Cr 2:14 Nethaneel H5417 the fourth, H7243 Raddai H7288 the fifth,H2549

1Cr 2:15 Ozem H684 the sixth, H8345 David H1732 the seventh:H7637

1Cr 2:16 Whose sisters H269 were Zeruiah, H6870 and Abigail. H26 And the sons H1121 of Zeruiah; H6870 Abishai, H52 and Joab, H3097 and Asahel, H6214 three.H7969

1Cr 2:17 And Abigail H26 bare H3205 (H853) Amasa: H6021 and the father H1 of Amasa H6021 was Jether H3500 the Ishmeelite.H3459

1Cr 2:18 And Caleb H3612 the son H1121 of Hezron H2696 begat H3205 children of H854 Azubah H5806 his wife, H802 and of H854 Jerioth: H3408 her sons H1121 are these; H428 Jesher, H3475 and Shobab, H7727 and Ardon.H715

1Cr 2:19 And when Azubah H5806 was dead, H4191 Caleb H3612 took H3947 unto him(H853) Ephrath, H672 which bare H3205 him(H853) Hur.H2354

1Cr 2:20 And Hur H2354 begat H3205 (H853) Uri, H221 and Uri H221 begat H3205 (H853) Bezaleel.H1212

1Cr 2:21 And afterward H310 Hezron H2696 went in H935 to H413 the daughter H1323 of Machir H4353 the father H1 of Gilead, H1568 whom he H1931 married H3947 when he H1931 was threescore H8346 years H8141 old; H1121 and she bare H3205 him(H853) Segub.H7687

1Cr 2:22 And Segub H7687 begat H3205 (H853) Jair, H2971 who had H1961 three H7969 and twenty H6242 cities H5892 in the land H776 of Gilead.H1568

1Cr 2:23 And he took H3947 Geshur, H1650 and Aram, H758 with H854 the towns H2333 of Jair, H2971 from H4480 H854 them, with H854 Kenath, H7079 and the towns H1323 thereof, even threescore H8346 cities. H5892 All H3605 these H428 belonged to the sons H1121 of Machir H4353 the father H1 of Gilead.H1568

1Cr 2:24 And after that H310 Hezron H2696 was dead H4194 in Calebephratah, H3613 then Abiah H29 Hezron's H2696 wife H802 bare H3205 him(H853) Ashur H806 the father H1 of Tekoa.H8620

1Cr 2:25 And the sons H1121 of Jerahmeel H3396 the firstborn H1060 of Hezron H2696 were, H1961 Ram H7410 the firstborn, H1060 and Bunah, H946 and Oren, H767 and Ozem, H684 and Ahijah.H281

1Cr 2:26 Jerahmeel H3396 had H1961 also another H312 wife, H802 whose name H8034 was Atarah; H5851 she H1931 was the mother H517 of Onam.H208

1Cr 2:27 And the sons H1121 of Ram H7410 the firstborn H1060 of Jerahmeel H3396 were, H1961 Maaz, H4619 and Jamin, H3226 and Eker.H6134

1Cr 2:28 And the sons H1121 of Onam H208 were, H1961 Shammai, H8060 and Jada. H3047 And the sons H1121 of Shammai; H8060 Nadab, H5070 and Abishur.H51

1Cr 2:29 And the name H8034 of the wife H802 of Abishur H51 was Abihail, H32 and she bare H3205 him(H853) Ahban, H257 and Molid.H4140

1Cr 2:30 And the sons H1121 of Nadab; H5070 Seled, H5540 and Appaim: H649 but Seled H5540 died H4191 without H3808 children.H1121

1Cr 2:31 And the sons H1121 of Appaim; H649 Ishi. H3469 And the sons H1121 of Ishi; H3469 Sheshan. H8348 And the children H1121 of Sheshan; H8348 Ahlai.H304

1Cr 2:32 And the sons H1121 of Jada H3047 the brother H251 of Shammai; H8060 Jether, H3500 and Jonathan: H3126 and Jether H3500 died H4191 without H3808 children.H1121

1Cr 2:33 And the sons H1121 of Jonathan; H3126 Peleth, H6431 and Zaza. H2117 These H428 were H1961 the sons H1121 of Jerahmeel.H3396

1Cr 2:34 Now Sheshan H8348 had H1961 no H3808 sons, H1121 but H3588 H518 daughters. H1323 And Sheshan H8348 had a servant, H5650 an Egyptian, H4713 whose name H8034 was Jarha.H3398

1Cr 2:35 And Sheshan H8348 gave H5414 (H853) his daughter H1323 to Jarha H3398 his servant H5650 to wife; H802 and she bare H3205 him(H853) Attai.H6262

1Cr 2:36 And Attai H6262 begat H3205 (H853) Nathan, H5416 and Nathan H5416 begat H3205 (H853) Zabad,H2066

1Cr 2:37 And Zabad H2066 begat H3205 (H853) Ephlal, H654 and Ephlal H654 begat H3205 (H853) Obed,H5744

1Cr 2:38 And Obed H5744 begat H3205 (H853) Jehu, H3058 and Jehu H3058 begat H3205 (H853) Azariah,H5838

1Cr 2:39 And Azariah H5838 begat H3205 (H853) Helez, H2503 and Helez H2503 begat H3205 (H853) Eleasah,H501

1Cr 2:40 And Eleasah H501 begat H3205 (H853) Sisamai, H5581 and Sisamai H5581 begat H3205 (H853) Shallum,H7967

1Cr 2:41 And Shallum H7967 begat H3205 (H853) Jekamiah, H3359 and Jekamiah H3359 begat H3205 (H853) Elishama.H476

1Cr 2:42 Now the sons H1121 of Caleb H3612 the brother H251 of Jerahmeel H3396 were, Mesha H4337 his firstborn, H1060 which H1931 was the father H1 of Ziph; H2128 and the sons H1121 of Mareshah H4762 the father H1 of Hebron.H2275

1Cr 2:43 And the sons H1121 of Hebron; H2275 Korah, H7141 and Tappuah, H8599 and Rekem, H7552 and Shema.H8087

1Cr 2:44 And Shema H8087 begat H3205 (H853) Raham, H7357 the father H1 of Jorkoam: H3421 and Rekem H7552 begat H3205 (H853) Shammai.H8060

1Cr 2:45 And the son H1121 of Shammai H8060 was Maon: H4584 and Maon H4584 was the father H1 of Bethzur.H1049

1Cr 2:46 And Ephah, H5891 Caleb's H3612 concubine, H6370 bare H3205 (H853) Haran, H2771 and Moza, H4162 and Gazez: H1495 and Haran H2771 begat H3205 (H853) Gazez.H1495

1Cr 2:47 And the sons H1121 of Jahdai; H3056 Regem, H7276 and Jotham, H3147 and Geshan, H1529 and Pelet, H6404 and Ephah, H5891 and Shaaph.H8174

1Cr 2:48 Maachah, H4601 Caleb's H3612 concubine, H6370 bare H3205 Sheber, H7669 and Tirhanah.H8647

1Cr 2:49 She bare H3205 also Shaaph H8174 the father H1 of Madmannah, H4089 (H853) Sheva H7724 the father H1 of Machbenah, H4343 and the father H1 of Gibea: H1388 and the daughter H1323 of Caleb H3612 was Achsah.H5915

1Cr 2:50 These H428 were H1961 the sons H1121 of Caleb H3612 the son H1121 of Hur, H2354 the firstborn H1060 of Ephratah; H672 Shobal H7732 the father H1 of Kirjathjearim,H7157

1Cr 2:51 Salma H8007 the father H1 of Bethlehem, H1035 Hareph H2780 the father H1 of Bethgader.H1013

1Cr 2:52 And Shobal H7732 the father H1 of Kirjathjearim H7157 had H1961 sons; H1121 Haroeh, H7204 and half H2677 of the Manahethites.H4506

1Cr 2:53 And the families H4940 of Kirjathjearim; H7157 the Ithrites, H3505 and the Puhites, H6336 and the Shumathites, H8126 and the Mishraites; H4954 of them H4480 H428 came H3318 the Zareathites, H6882 and the Eshtaulites.H848

1Cr 2:54 The sons H1121 of Salma; H8007 Bethlehem, H1035 and the Netophathites, H5200 Ataroth, the house of Joab, H5854 and half H2677 of the Manahethites, H2680 the Zorites.H6882

1Cr 2:55 And the families H4940 of the scribes H5608 which dwelt H3427 at Jabez; H3258 the Tirathites, H8654 the Shimeathites, H8101 and Suchathites. H7756 These H1992 are the Kenites H7017 that came H935 of Hemath, H4480 H2575 the father H1 of the house H1004 of Rechab.H7394

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