2 Crónicas  Capitulo 17 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Cr 17:1 And Jehoshaphat H3092 his son H1121 reigned H4427 in his stead, H8478 and strengthened himself H2388 against H5921 Israel.H3478

2Cr 17:2 And he placed H5414 forces H2428 in all H3605 the fenced H1219 cities H5892 of Judah, H3063 and set H5414 garrisons H5333 in the land H776 of Judah, H3063 and in the cities H5892 of Ephraim, H669 which H834 Asa H609 his father H1 had taken.H3920

2Cr 17:3 And the LORD H3068 was H1961 with H5973 Jehoshaphat, H3092 because H3588 he walked H1980 in the first H7223 ways H1870 of his father H1 David, H1732 and sought H1875 not H3808 unto Baalim;H1168

2Cr 17:4 But H3588 sought H1875 to the LORD God H430 of his father, H1 and walked H1980 in his commandments, H4687 and not H3808 after the doings H4639 of Israel.H3478

2Cr 17:5 Therefore the LORD H3068 stablished H3559 (H853) the kingdom H4467 in his hand; H3027 and all H3605 Judah H3063 brought H5414 to Jehoshaphat H3092 presents; H4503 and he had H1961 riches H6239 and honour H3519 in abundance.H7230

2Cr 17:6 And his heart H3820 was lifted up H1361 in the ways H1870 of the LORD: H3068 moreover H5750 he took away H5493 (H853) the high places H1116 and groves H842 out of Judah. H4480 H3063

2Cr 17:7 Also in the third H7969 year H8141 of his reign H4427 he sent H7971 to his princes, H8269 even to Benhail, H1134 and to Obadiah, H5662 and to Zechariah, H2148 and to Nethaneel, H5417 and to Michaiah, H4322 to teach H3925 in the cities H5892 of Judah.H3063

2Cr 17:8 And with H5973 them he sent Levites, H3881 even Shemaiah, H8098 and Nethaniah, H5418 and Zebadiah, H2069 and Asahel, H6214 and Shemiramoth, H8070 and Jehonathan, H3083 and Adonijah, H138 and Tobijah, H2900 and Tobadonijah, H2899 Levites; H3881 and with H5973 them Elishama H476 and Jehoram, H3088 priests.H3548

2Cr 17:9 And they taught H3925 in Judah, H3063 and had the book H5612 of the law H8451 of the LORD H3068 with H5973 them, and went about H5437 throughout all H3605 the cities H5892 of Judah, H3063 and taught H3925 the people.H5971

2Cr 17:10 And the fear H6343 of the LORD H3068 fell H1961 upon H5921 all H3605 the kingdoms H4467 of the lands H776 that H834 were round about H5439 Judah, H3063 so that they made no war H3898 H3808 against H5973 Jehoshaphat.H3092

2Cr 17:11 Also some of H4480 the Philistines H6430 brought H935 Jehoshaphat H3092 presents, H4503 and tribute H4853 silver; H3701 and H1571 the Arabians H6163 brought H935 him flocks, H6629 seven H7651 thousand H505 and seven H7651 hundred H3967 rams, H352 and seven H7651 thousand H505 and seven H7651 hundred H3967 he goats.H8495

2Cr 17:12 And Jehoshaphat H3092 waxed H1961 H1980 great H1432 exceedingly; H5704 H4605 and he built H1129 in Judah H3063 castles, H1003 and cities H5892 of store.H4543

2Cr 17:13 And he had H1961 much H7227 business H4399 in the cities H5892 of Judah: H3063 and the men H376 of war, H4421 mighty men H1368 of valour, H2428 were in Jerusalem.H3389

2Cr 17:14 And these H428 are the numbers H6486 of them according to the house H1004 of their fathers: H1 Of Judah, H3063 the captains H8269 of thousands; H505 Adnah H5734 the chief, H8269 and with H5973 him mighty men H1368 of valour H2428 three H7969 hundred H3967 thousand.H505

2Cr 17:15 And next H5921 H3027 to him was Jehohanan H3076 the captain, H8269 and with H5973 him two hundred H3967 and fourscore H8084 thousand.H505

2Cr 17:16 And next H5921 H3027 him was Amasiah H6007 the son H1121 of Zichri, H2147 who willingly offered himself H5068 unto the LORD; H3068 and with him H5973 two hundred H3967 thousand H505 mighty men H1368 of valour.H2428

2Cr 17:17 And of H4480 Benjamin; H1144 Eliada H450 a mighty man H1368 of valour, H2428 and with H5973 him armed men H5401 with bow H7198 and shield H4043 two hundred H3967 thousand.H505

2Cr 17:18 And next H5921 H3027 him was Jehozabad, H3075 and with H5973 him an hundred H3967 and fourscore H8084 thousand H505 ready prepared H2502 for the war.H6635

2Cr 17:19 These H428 waited on H8334 (H853) the king, H4428 beside H4480 H905 those whom H834 the king H4428 put H5414 in the fenced H4013 cities H5892 throughout all H3605 Judah.H3063

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