2 Crónicas  Capitulo 31 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Cr 31:1 Now when all H3605 this H2063 was finished, H3615 all H3605 Israel H3478 that were present H4672 went out H3318 to the cities H5892 of Judah, H3063 and brake the images in pieces, H7665 H4676 and cut down H1438 the groves, H842 and threw down H5422 (H853) the high places H1116 and the altars H4196 out of all H4480 H3605 Judah H3063 and Benjamin, H1144 in Ephraim H669 also and Manasseh, H4519 until H5704 they had utterly destroyed H3615 them all. Then all H3605 the children H1121 of Israel H3478 returned, H7725 every man H376 to his possession, H272 into their own cities.H5892

2Cr 31:2 And Hezekiah H3169 appointed H5975 (H853) the courses H4256 of the priests H3548 and the Levites H3881 after H5921 their courses, H4256 every man H376 according to H6310 his service, H5656 the priests H3548 and Levites H3881 for burnt offerings H5930 and for peace offerings, H8002 to minister, H8334 and to give thanks, H3034 and to praise H1984 in the gates H8179 of the tents H4264 of the LORD.H3068

2Cr 31:3 He appointed also the king's H4428 portion H4521 of H4480 his substance H7399 for the burnt offerings, H5930 to wit, for the morning H1242 and evening H6153 burnt offerings, H5930 and the burnt offerings H5930 for the sabbaths, H7676 and for the new moons, H2320 and for the set feasts, H4150 as it is written H3789 in the law H8451 of the LORD.H3068

2Cr 31:4 Moreover he commanded H559 the people H5971 that dwelt H3427 in Jerusalem H3389 to give H5414 the portion H4521 of the priests H3548 and the Levites, H3881 that H4616 they might be encouraged H2388 in the law H8451 of the LORD.H3068

2Cr 31:5 And as soon as the commandment H1697 came abroad, H6555 the children H1121 of Israel H3478 brought in abundance H7235 the firstfruits H7225 of corn, H1715 wine, H8492 and oil, H3323 and honey, H1706 and of all H3605 the increase H8393 of the field; H7704 and the tithe H4643 of all H3605 things brought they in H935 abundantly.H7230

2Cr 31:6 And concerning the children H1121 of Israel H3478 and Judah, H3063 that dwelt H3427 in the cities H5892 of Judah, H3063 they H1992 also H1571 brought in H935 the tithe H4643 of oxen H1241 and sheep, H6629 and the tithe H4643 of holy things H6944 which were consecrated H6942 unto the LORD H3068 their God, H430 and laid H5414 them by heaps. H6194 H6194

2Cr 31:7 In the third H7992 month H2320 they began H2490 to lay the foundation H3245 of the heaps, H6194 and finished H3615 them in the seventh H7637 month.H2320

2Cr 31:8 And when Hezekiah H3169 and the princes H8269 came H935 and saw H7200 (H853) the heaps, H6194 they blessed H1288 (H853) the LORD, H3068 and his people H5971 Israel.H3478

2Cr 31:9 Then Hezekiah H3169 questioned H1875 with H5921 the priests H3548 and the Levites H3881 concerning H5921 the heaps.H6194

2Cr 31:10 And Azariah H5838 the chief H7218 priest H3548 of the house H1004 of Zadok H6659 answered H559 H413 him, and said, H559 Since the people began H4480 H2490 to bring H935 the offerings H8641 into the house H1004 of the LORD, H3068 we have had enough H7646 to eat, H398 and have left H3498 H5704 plenty: H7230 for H3588 the LORD H3068 hath blessed H1288 (H853) his people; H5971 and that which is left H3498 is(H853) this H2088 great store.H1995

2Cr 31:11 Then Hezekiah H3169 commanded H559 to prepare H3559 chambers H3957 in the house H1004 of the LORD; H3068 and they prepared H3559 them,

2Cr 31:12 And brought in H935 (H853) the offerings H8641 and the tithes H4643 and the dedicated H6944 things faithfully: H530 over H5921 which Cononiah H3562 the Levite H3878 was ruler, H5057 and Shimei H8096 his brother H251 was the next.H4932

2Cr 31:13 And Jehiel, H3171 and Azaziah, H5812 and Nahath, H5184 and Asahel, H6214 and Jerimoth, H3406 and Jozabad, H3107 and Eliel, H447 and Ismachiah, H3253 and Mahath, H4287 and Benaiah, H1141 were overseers H6496 under the hand H4480 H3027 of Cononiah H3562 and Shimei H8096 his brother, H251 at the commandment H4662 of Hezekiah H3169 the king, H4428 and Azariah H5838 the ruler H5057 of the house H1004 of God.H430

2Cr 31:14 And Kore H6981 the son H1121 of Imnah H3232 the Levite, H3778 the porter H7778 toward the east, H4217 was over H5921 the freewill offerings H5071 of God, H430 to distribute H5414 the oblations H8641 of the LORD, H3068 and the most holy things. H6944 H6944

2Cr 31:15 And next H5921 H3027 him were Eden, H5731 and Miniamin, H4509 and Jeshua, H3442 and Shemaiah, H8098 Amariah, H568 and Shecaniah, H7935 in the cities H5892 of the priests, H3548 in their set office, H530 to give H5414 to their brethren H251 by courses, H4256 as well to the great H1419 as to the small:H6996

2Cr 31:16 Beside H4480 H905 their genealogy H3187 of males, H2145 from three H7969 years H8141 old H4480 H1121 and upward, H4605 even unto every one H3605 that entereth H935 into the house H1004 of the LORD, H3068 his daily H3117 H3117 portion H1697 for their service H5656 in their charges H4931 according to their courses;H4256

2Cr 31:17 Both to H854 the genealogy H3187 of the priests H3548 by the house H1004 of their fathers, H1 and the Levites H3881 from twenty H6242 years H8141 old H4480 H1121 and upward, H4605 in their charges H4931 by their courses;H4256

2Cr 31:18 And to the genealogy H3187 of all H3605 their little ones, H2945 their wives, H802 and their sons, H1121 and their daughters, H1323 through all H3605 the congregation: H6951 for H3588 in their set office H530 they sanctified themselves H6942 in holiness:H6944

2Cr 31:19 Also of the sons H1121 of Aaron H175 the priests, H3548 which were in the fields H7704 of the suburbs H4054 of their cities, H5892 in every H3605 several city, H5892 H5892 the men H376 that H834 were expressed H5344 by name, H8034 to give H5414 portions H4490 to all H3605 the males H2145 among the priests, H3548 and to all H3605 that were reckoned by genealogies H3187 among the Levites.H3881

2Cr 31:20 And thus H2063 did H6213 Hezekiah H3169 throughout all H3605 Judah, H3063 and wrought H6213 that which was good H2896 and right H3477 and truth H571 before H6440 the LORD H3068 his God.H430

2Cr 31:21 And in every H3605 work H4639 that H834 he began H2490 in the service H5656 of the house H1004 of God, H430 and in the law, H8451 and in the commandments, H4687 to seek H1875 his God, H430 he did H6213 it with all H3605 his heart, H3824 and prospered.H6743

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