2 Crónicas  Capitulo 5 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Cr 5:1 Thus all H3605 the work H4399 that H834 Solomon H8010 made H6213 for the house H1004 of the LORD H3068 was finished: H7999 and Solomon H8010 brought in H935 (H853) all the things H6944 that David H1732 his father H1 had dedicated; H6944 and the silver, H3701 and the gold, H2091 and all H3605 the instruments, H3627 put H5414 he among the treasures H214 of the house H1004 of God.H430

2Cr 5:2 Then H227 Solomon H8010 assembled H6950 (H853) the elders H2205 of Israel, H3478 and all H3605 the heads H7218 of the tribes, H4294 the chief H5387 of the fathers H1 of the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 unto H413 Jerusalem, H3389 to bring up H5927 (H853) the ark H727 of the covenant H1285 of the LORD H3068 out of the city H4480 H5892 of David, H1732 which H1931 is Zion.H6726

2Cr 5:3 Wherefore all H3605 the men H376 of Israel H3478 assembled themselves H6950 unto H413 the king H4428 in the feast H2282 which H1931 was in the seventh H7637 month.H2320

2Cr 5:4 And all H3605 the elders H2205 of Israel H3478 came; H935 and the Levites H3881 took up H5375 (H853) the ark.H727

2Cr 5:5 And they brought up H5927 (H853) the ark, H727 and the tabernacle H168 of the congregation, H4150 and all H3605 the holy H6944 vessels H3627 that H834 were in the tabernacle, H168 these did the priests H3548 and the Levites H3881 bring up.H5927

2Cr 5:6 Also king H4428 Solomon, H8010 and all H3605 the congregation H5712 of Israel H3478 that were assembled H3259 unto H5921 him before H6440 the ark, H727 sacrificed H2076 sheep H6629 and oxen, H1241 which H834 could not H3808 be told H5608 nor H3808 numbered H4487 for multitude. H4480 H7230

2Cr 5:7 And the priests H3548 brought in H935 (H853) the ark H727 of the covenant H1285 of the LORD H3068 unto H413 his place, H4725 to H413 the oracle H1687 of the house, H1004 into H413 the most holy H6944 H6944 place, even under H413 H8478 the wings H3671 of the cherubims:H3742

2Cr 5:8 For the cherubims H3742 spread forth H1961 H6566 their wings H3671 over H5921 the place H4725 of the ark, H727 and the cherubims H3742 covered H3680 H5921 the ark H727 and the staves H905 thereof above. H4480 H4605

2Cr 5:9 And they drew out H748 the staves H905 of the ark, that the ends H7218 of the staves H905 were seen H7200 from H4480 the ark H727 before H5921 H6440 the oracle; H1687 but they were not H3808 seen H7200 without. H2351 And there H8033 it is H1961 unto H5704 this H2088 day.H3117

2Cr 5:10 There was nothing H369 in the ark H727 save H7535 the two H8147 tables H3871 which H834 Moses H4872 put H5414 therein at Horeb, H2722 when H834 the LORD H3068 made H3772 a covenant with H5973 the children H1121 of Israel, H3478 when they came out H3318 of Egypt. H4480 H4714

2Cr 5:11 And it came to pass, H1961 when the priests H3548 were come out H3318 of H4480 the holy H6944 place: (for H3588 all H3605 the priests H3548 that were present H4672 were sanctified, H6942 and did not H369 then wait H8104 by course:H4256

2Cr 5:12 Also the Levites H3881 which were the singers, H7891 all H3605 of them of Asaph, H623 of Heman, H1968 of Jeduthun, H3038 with their sons H1121 and their brethren, H251 being arrayed H3847 in white linen, H948 having cymbals H4700 and psalteries H5035 and harps, H3658 stood H5975 at the east end H4217 of the altar, H4196 and with H5973 them an hundred H3967 and twenty H6242 priests H3548 sounding H2690 with trumpets:)H2689

2Cr 5:13 It came even to pass, H1961 as the trumpeters H2690 and singers H7891 were as one, H259 to make one H259 sound H6963 to be heard H8085 in praising H1984 and thanking H3034 the LORD; H3068 and when they lifted up H7311 their voice H6963 with the trumpets H2689 and cymbals H4700 and instruments H3627 of musick, H7892 and praised H1984 the LORD, H3068 saying, For H3588 he is good; H2896 for H3588 his mercy H2617 endureth for ever: H5769 that then the house H1004 was filled H4390 with a cloud, H6051 even the house H1004 of the LORD;H3068

2Cr 5:14 So that the priests H3548 could H3201 not H3808 stand H5975 to minister H8334 by reason of H4480 H6440 the cloud: H6051 for H3588 the glory H3519 of the LORD H3068 had filled H4390 (H853) the house H1004 of God.H430

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