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2Cr 9:1 And when the queen H4436 of Sheba H7614 heard H8085 (H853) of the fame H8088 of Solomon, H8010 she came H935 to prove H5254 (H853) Solomon H8010 with hard questions H2420 at Jerusalem, H3389 with a very H3966 great H3515 company, H2428 and camels H1581 that bare H5375 spices, H1314 and gold H2091 in abundance, H7230 and precious H3368 stones: H68 and when she was come H935 to H413 Solomon, H8010 she communed H1696 with H5973 him(H853) of all H3605 that H834 was H1961 in H5973 her heart.H3824

2Cr 9:2 And Solomon H8010 told H5046 her(H853) all H3605 her questions: H1697 and there was nothing H3808 H1697 hid H5956 from Solomon H4480 H8010 which H834 he told H5046 her not.H3808

2Cr 9:3 And when the queen H4436 of Sheba H7614 had seen H7200 (H853) the wisdom H2451 of Solomon, H8010 and the house H1004 that H834 he had built,H1129

2Cr 9:4 And the meat H3978 of his table, H7979 and the sitting H4186 of his servants, H5650 and the attendance H4612 of his ministers, H8334 and their apparel; H4403 his cupbearers H4945 also, and their apparel; H4403 and his ascent H5944 by which H834 he went up H5927 into the house H1004 of the LORD; H3068 there was H1961 no H3808 more H5750 spirit H7307 in her.

2Cr 9:5 And she said H559 to H413 the king, H4428 It was a true H571 report H1697 which H834 I heard H8085 in mine own land H776 of H5921 thine acts, H1697 and of H5921 thy wisdom:H2451

2Cr 9:6 Howbeit I believed H539 not H3808 their words, H1697 until H5704 H834 I came, H935 and mine eyes H5869 had seen H7200 it: and, behold, H2009 the one half H2677 of the greatness H4768 of thy wisdom H2451 was not H3808 told H5046 me: for thou exceedest H3254 H5921 the fame H8052 that H834 I heard.H8085

2Cr 9:7 Happy H835 are thy men, H376 and happy H835 are these H428 thy servants, H5650 which stand H5975 continually H8548 before H6440 thee, and hear H8085 (H853) thy wisdom.H2451

2Cr 9:8 Blessed H1288 be H1961 the LORD H3068 thy God, H430 which H834 delighted H2654 in thee to set H5414 thee on H5921 his throne, H3678 to be king H4428 for the LORD H3068 thy God: H430 because thy God H430 loved H160 (H853) Israel, H3478 to establish H5975 them for ever, H5769 therefore made H5414 he thee king H4428 over H5921 them, to do H6213 judgment H4941 and justice.H6666

2Cr 9:9 And she gave H5414 the king H4428 an hundred H3967 and twenty H6242 talents H3603 of gold, H2091 and of spices H1314 great H3966 abundance, H7230 and precious H3368 stones: H68 neither H3808 was H1961 there any such H1931 spice H1314 as H834 the queen H4436 of Sheba H7614 gave H5414 king H4428 Solomon.H8010

2Cr 9:10 And the servants H5650 also H1571 of Huram, H2438 and the servants H5650 of Solomon, H8010 which H834 brought H935 gold H2091 from Ophir, H4480 H211 brought H935 algum H418 trees H6086 and precious H3368 stones.H68

2Cr 9:11 And the king H4428 made H6213 (H853) of the algum H418 trees H6086 terraces H4546 to the house H1004 of the LORD, H3068 and to the king's H4428 palace, H1004 and harps H3658 and psalteries H5035 for singers: H7891 and there were none H3808 such H1992 seen H7200 before H6440 in the land H776 of Judah.H3063

2Cr 9:12 And king H4428 Solomon H8010 gave H5414 to the queen H4436 of Sheba H7614 (H853) all H3605 her desire, H2656 whatsoever H834 she asked, H7592 beside H4480 H905 that which H834 she had brought H935 unto H413 the king. H4428 So she turned, H2015 and went away H1980 to her own land, H776 she H1931 and her servants.H5650

2Cr 9:13 Now the weight H4948 of gold H2091 that H834 came H935 to Solomon H8010 in one H259 year H8141 was H1961 six H8337 hundred H3967 and threescore H8346 and six H8337 talents H3603 of gold;H2091

2Cr 9:14 Beside H905 that which chapmen H4480 H376 H8446 and merchants H5503 brought. H935 And all H3605 the kings H4428 of Arabia H6152 and governors H6346 of the country H776 brought H935 gold H2091 and silver H3701 to Solomon.H8010

2Cr 9:15 And king H4428 Solomon H8010 made H6213 two hundred H3967 targets H6793 of beaten H7820 gold: H2091 six H8337 hundred H3967 shekels of beaten H7820 gold H2091 went H5927 to H5921 one H259 target.H6793

2Cr 9:16 And three H7969 hundred H3967 shields H4043 made he of beaten H7820 gold: H2091 three H7969 hundred H3967 shekels of gold H2091 went H5927 to H5921 one H259 shield. H4043 And the king H4428 put H5414 them in the house H1004 of the forest H3293 of Lebanon.H3844

2Cr 9:17 Moreover the king H4428 made H6213 a great H1419 throne H3678 of ivory, H8127 and overlaid H6823 it with pure H2889 gold.H2091

2Cr 9:18 And there were six H8337 steps H4609 to the throne, H3678 with a footstool H3534 of gold, H2091 which were fastened H270 to the throne, H3678 and stays H3027 on each side H4480 H2088 H4480 H2088 of H5921 the sitting H7675 place, H4725 and two H8147 lions H738 standing H5975 by H681 the stays:H3027

2Cr 9:19 And twelve H8147 H6240 lions H738 stood H5975 there H8033 on the one side H4480 H2088 and on the other H4480 H2088 upon H5921 the six H8337 steps. H4609 There was not H3808 the like H3651 made H6213 in any H3605 kingdom.H4467

2Cr 9:20 And all H3605 the drinking H4945 vessels H3627 of king H4428 Solomon H8010 were of gold, H2091 and all H3605 the vessels H3627 of the house H1004 of the forest H3293 of Lebanon H3844 were of pure H5462 gold: H2091 none H369 were of silver; H3701 it was not any thing H3972 accounted H2803 of in the days H3117 of Solomon.H8010

2Cr 9:21 For H3588 the king's H4428 ships H591 went H1980 to Tarshish H8659 with H5973 the servants H5650 of Huram: H2361 every three H7969 years H8141 once H259 came H935 the ships H591 of Tarshish H8659 bringing H5375 gold, H2091 and silver, H3701 ivory, H8143 and apes, H6971 and peacocks.H8500

2Cr 9:22 And king H4428 Solomon H8010 passed H1431 all H4480 H3605 the kings H4428 of the earth H776 in riches H6239 and wisdom.H2451

2Cr 9:23 And all H3605 the kings H4428 of the earth H776 sought H1245 (H853) the presence H6440 of Solomon, H8010 to hear H8085 (H853) his wisdom, H2451 that H834 God H430 had put H5414 in his heart.H3820

2Cr 9:24 And they H1992 brought H935 every man H376 his present, H4503 vessels H3627 of silver, H3701 and vessels H3627 of gold, H2091 and raiment, H8008 harness, H5402 and spices, H1314 horses, H5483 and mules, H6505 a rate H1697 year H8141 by year.H8141

2Cr 9:25 And Solomon H8010 had H1961 four H702 thousand H505 stalls H723 for horses H5483 and chariots, H4818 and twelve H8147 H6240 thousand H505 horsemen; H6571 whom he bestowed H5117 in the chariot H7393 cities, H5892 and with H5973 the king H4428 at Jerusalem.H3389

2Cr 9:26 And he reigned H1961 H4910 over all H3605 the kings H4428 from H4480 the river H5104 even unto H5704 the land H776 of the Philistines, H6430 and to H5704 the border H1366 of Egypt.H4714

2Cr 9:27 And the king H4428 made H5414 (H853) silver H3701 in Jerusalem H3389 as stones, H68 and cedar trees H730 made H5414 he as the sycomore trees H8256 that H834 are in the low plains H8219 in abundance.H7230

2Cr 9:28 And they brought H3318 unto Solomon H8010 horses H5483 out of Egypt, H4480 H4714 and out of all H4480 H3605 lands.H776

2Cr 9:29 Now the rest H7605 of the acts H1697 of Solomon, H8010 first H7223 and last, H314 are they H1992 not H3808 written H3789 in H5921 the book H1697 of Nathan H5416 the prophet, H5030 and in H5921 the prophecy H5016 of Ahijah H281 the Shilonite, H7888 and in the visions H2378 of Iddo H3260 the seer H2374 against H5921 Jeroboam H3379 the son H1121 of Nebat?H5028

2Cr 9:30 And Solomon H8010 reigned H4427 in Jerusalem H3389 over H5921 all H3605 Israel H3478 forty H705 years.H8141

2Cr 9:31 And Solomon H8010 slept H7901 with H5973 his fathers, H1 and he was buried H6912 in the city H5892 of David H1732 his father: H1 and Rehoboam H7346 his son H1121 reigned H4427 in his stead.H8478

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