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Job 10:1 My soul H5315 is weary H5354 of my life; H2416 I will leave H5800 my complaint H7879 upon H5921 myself; I will speak H1696 in the bitterness H4751 of my soul.H5315

Job 10:2 I will say H559 unto H413 God, H433 Do not H408 condemn H7561 me; shew H3045 me wherefore H5921 H4100 thou contendest H7378 with me.

Job 10:3 Is it good H2896 unto thee that H3588 thou shouldest oppress, H6231 that H3588 thou shouldest despise H3988 the work H3018 of thine hands, H3709 and shine H3313 upon H5921 the counsel H6098 of the wicked?H7563

Job 10:4 Hast thou eyes H5869 of flesh? H1320 or H518 seest H7200 thou as man H582 seeth?H7200

Job 10:5 Are thy days H3117 as the days H3117 of man? H582 are thy years H8141 as man's H1397 days,H3117

Job 10:6 That H3588 thou enquirest H1245 after mine iniquity, H5771 and searchest H1875 after my sin?H2403

Job 10:7 Thou knowest H1847 that H3588 I am not H3808 wicked; H7561 and there is none H369 that can deliver H5337 out of thine hand. H4480 H3027

Job 10:8 Thine hands H3027 have made H6087 me and fashioned H6213 me together H3162 round about; H5439 yet thou dost destroy H1104 me.

Job 10:9 Remember, H2142 I beseech thee, H4994 that H3588 thou hast made H6213 me as the clay; H2563 and wilt thou bring me into dust again? H7725 H413 H6083

Job 10:10 Hast thou not H3808 poured me out H5413 as milk, H2461 and curdled H7087 me like cheese?H1385

Job 10:11 Thou hast clothed H3847 me with skin H5785 and flesh, H1320 and hast fenced H7753 me with bones H6106 and sinews.H1517

Job 10:12 Thou hast granted H6213 H5978 me life H2416 and favour, H2617 and thy visitation H6486 hath preserved H8104 my spirit.H7307

Job 10:13 And these H428 things hast thou hid H6845 in thine heart: H3824 I know H3045 that H3588 this H2063 is with H5973 thee.

Job 10:14 If H518 I sin, H2398 then thou markest H8104 me, and thou wilt not H3808 acquit H5352 me from mine iniquity. H4480 H5771

Job 10:15 If H518 I be wicked, H7561 woe H480 unto me; and if I be righteous, H6663 yet will I not H3808 lift up H5375 my head. H7218 I am full H7649 of confusion; H7036 therefore see H7200 thou mine affliction;H6040

Job 10:16 For it increaseth. H1342 Thou huntest H6679 me as a fierce lion: H7826 and again H7725 thou shewest thyself marvellous H6381 upon me.

Job 10:17 Thou renewest H2318 thy witnesses H5707 against H5048 me, and increasest H7235 thine indignation H3708 upon H5973 me; changes H2487 and war H6635 are against H5973 me.

Job 10:18 Wherefore H4100 then hast thou brought me forth H3318 out of the womb? H4480 H7358 Oh that I had given up the ghost, H1478 and no H3808 eye H5869 had seen H7200 me!

Job 10:19 I should have been H1961 as though H834 I had not H3808 been; H1961 I should have been carried H2986 from the womb H4480 H990 to the grave.H6913

Job 10:20 Are not H3808 my days H3117 few? H4592 cease H2308 then, and let me alone, H7896 H4480 that I may take comfort H1082 a little,H4592

Job 10:21 Before H2962 I go H1980 whence I shall not H3808 return, H7725 even to H413 the land H776 of darkness H2822 and the shadow of death;H6757

Job 10:22 A land H776 of darkness, H5890 as H3644 darkness H652 itself; and of the shadow of death, H6757 without H3808 any order, H5468 and where the light H3313 is as H3644 darkness.H652

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