Job  Capitulo 6 - King James with Numbers Strong

Job 6:1 But Job H347 answered H6030 and said,H559

Job 6:2 Oh that H3863 my grief H3708 were throughly weighed, H8254 H8254 and my calamity H1942 laid H5375 in the balances H3976 together!H3162

Job 6:3 For H3588 now H6258 it would be heavier H3513 than the sand H4480 H2344 of the sea: H3220 therefore H5921 H3651 my words H1697 are swallowed up.H3886

Job 6:4 For H3588 the arrows H2671 of the Almighty H7706 are within H5978 me, the poison H2534 whereof H834 drinketh up H8354 my spirit: H7307 the terrors H1161 of God H433 do set themselves in array against H6186 me.

Job 6:5 Doth the wild ass H6501 bray H5101 when he hath grass? H1877 or H518 loweth H1600 the ox H7794 over H5921 his fodder?H1098

Job 6:6 Can that which is unsavoury H8602 be eaten H398 without H4480 H1097 salt? H4417 or H518 is there H3426 any taste H2940 in the white H7388 of an egg?H2495

Job 6:7 The things H1992 that my soul H5315 refused H3985 to touch H5060 are as my sorrowful H1741 meat.H3899

Job 6:8 Oh that H4310 I might H5414 have H935 my request; H7596 and that God H433 would grant H5414 me the thing that I long for!H8615

Job 6:9 Even that it would please H2974 God H433 to destroy H1792 me; that he would let loose H5425 his hand, H3027 and cut me off!H1214

Job 6:10 Then should I yet H5750 have H1961 comfort; H5165 yea, I would harden H5539 myself in sorrow: H2427 let him not H3808 spare; H2550 for H3588 I have not H3808 concealed H3582 the words H561 of the Holy One.H6918

Job 6:11 What H4100 is my strength, H3581 that H3588 I should hope? H3176 and what H4100 is mine end, H7093 that H3588 I should prolong H748 my life?H5315

Job 6:12 Is my strength H3581 the strength H3581 of stones? H68 or is my flesh H1320 of brass?H5153

Job 6:13 Is not H369 my help H5833 in me? and is wisdom H8454 driven H5080 quite from H4480 me?

Job 6:14 To him that is afflicted H4523 pity H2617 should be shewed from his friend; H4480 H7453 but he forsaketh H5800 the fear H3374 of the Almighty.H7706

Job 6:15 My brethren H251 have dealt deceitfully H898 as H3644 a brook, H5158 and as the stream H650 of brooks H5158 they pass away;H5674

Job 6:16 Which are blackish H6937 by reason of H4480 the ice, H7140 and wherein H5921 the snow H7950 is hid:H5956

Job 6:17 What time H6256 they wax warm, H2215 they vanish: H6789 when it is hot, H2527 they are consumed H1846 out of their place. H4480 H4725

Job 6:18 The paths H734 of their way H1870 are turned aside; H3943 they go H5927 to nothing, H8414 and perish.H6

Job 6:19 The troops H734 of Tema H8485 looked, H5027 the companies H1979 of Sheba H7614 waited H6960 for H3926 them.

Job 6:20 They were confounded H954 because H3588 they had hoped; H982 they came H935 thither, H5704 and were ashamed.H2659

Job 6:21 For H3588 now H6258 ye are H1961 nothing; H3808 ye see H7200 my casting down, H2866 and are afraid.H3372

Job 6:22 Did H3588 I say, H559 Bring H3051 unto me? or, Give a reward H7809 for H1157 me of your substance? H4480 H3581

Job 6:23 Or, Deliver H4422 me from the enemy's hand? H4480 H3027 H6862 or, Redeem H6299 me from the hand H4480 H3027 of the mighty?H6184

Job 6:24 Teach H3384 me, and I H589 will hold my tongue: H2790 and cause me to understand H995 wherein H4100 I have erred.H7686

Job 6:25 How H4100 forcible H4834 are right H3476 words! H561 but what H4100 doth your arguing H3198 reprove? H3198 H4480

Job 6:26 Do ye imagine H2803 to reprove H3198 words, H4405 and the speeches H561 of one that is desperate, H2976 which are as wind?H7307

Job 6:27 Yea, H637 ye overwhelm H5307 H5921 the fatherless, H3490 and ye dig H3738 a pit for H5921 your friend.H7453

Job 6:28 Now H6258 therefore be content, H2974 look H6437 upon me; for it is evident unto H5921 H6440 you if H518 I lie.H3576

Job 6:29 Return, H7725 I pray you, H4994 let it not H408 be H1961 iniquity; H5766 yea, return H7725 again, H5750 my righteousness H6664 is in it.

Job 6:30 Is there H3426 iniquity H5766 in my tongue? H3956 cannot H3808 my taste H2441 discern H995 perverse things?H1942

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