Jueces  Capitulo 12 - King James with Numbers Strong

Jue 12:1 And the men H376 of Ephraim H669 gathered themselves together, H6817 and went H5674 northward, H6828 and said H559 unto Jephthah, H3316 Wherefore H4069 passedst thou over H5674 to fight H3898 against the children H1121 of Ammon, H5983 and didst not H3808 call H7121 us to go H1980 with H5973 thee? we will burn H8313 thine house H1004 upon H5921 thee with fire.H784

Jue 12:2 And Jephthah H3316 said H559 unto H413 them, I H589 and my people H5971 were H1961 at great strife H376 H7379 H3966 with the children H1121 of Ammon; H5983 and when I called H2199 you, ye delivered H3467 me not H3808 out of their hands. H4480 H3027

Jue 12:3 And when I saw H7200 that H3588 ye delivered H3467 me not, H369 I put H7760 my life H5315 in my hands, H3709 and passed over H5674 against H413 the children H1121 of Ammon, H5983 and the LORD H3068 delivered H5414 them into my hand: H3027 wherefore H4100 then are ye come up H5927 unto H413 me this H2088 day, H3117 to fight H3898 against me?

Jue 12:4 Then Jephthah H3316 gathered together H6908 (H853) all H3605 the men H376 of Gilead, H1568 and fought H3898 with H854 Ephraim: H669 and the men H376 of Gilead H1568 smote H5221 (H853) Ephraim, H669 because H3588 they said, H559 Ye H859 Gileadites H1568 are fugitives H6412 of Ephraim H669 among H8432 the Ephraimites, H669 and among H8432 the Manassites.H4519

Jue 12:5 And the Gileadites H1568 took H3920 (H853) the passages H4569 of Jordan H3383 before the Ephraimites: H669 and it was H1961 so, that when H3588 those Ephraimites H669 which were escaped H6412 said, H559 Let me go over; H5674 that the men H376 of Gilead H1568 said H559 unto him, Art thou H859 an Ephraimite? H673 If he said, H559 Nay;H3808

Jue 12:6 Then said H559 they unto him, Say H559 now H4994 Shibboleth: H7641 and he said H559 Sibboleth: H5451 for he could not H3808 frame H3559 to pronounce H1696 it right. H3651 Then they took H270 him, and slew H7819 him at H413 the passages H4569 of Jordan: H3383 and there fell H5307 at that H1931 time H6256 of the Ephraimites H4480 H669 forty H705 and two H8147 thousand.H505

Jue 12:7 And Jephthah H3316 judged H8199 (H853) Israel H3478 six H8337 years. H8141 Then died H4191 Jephthah H3316 the Gileadite, H1569 and was buried H6912 in one of the cities H5892 of Gilead.H1568

Jue 12:8 And after H310 him Ibzan H78 of Bethlehem H4480 H1035 judged H8199 (H853) Israel.H3478

Jue 12:9 And he had H1961 thirty H7970 sons, H1121 and thirty H7970 daughters, H1323 whom he sent H7971 abroad, H2351 and took in H935 thirty H7970 daughters H1323 from H4480 abroad H2351 for his sons. H1121 And he judged H8199 (H853) Israel H3478 seven H7651 years.H8141

Jue 12:10 Then died H4191 Ibzan, H78 and was buried H6912 at Bethlehem.H1035

Jue 12:11 And after H310 him Elon, H356 a Zebulonite, H2075 judged H8199 (H853) Israel; H3478 and he judged H8199 (H853) Israel H3478 ten H6235 years.H8141

Jue 12:12 And Elon H356 the Zebulonite H2075 died, H4191 and was buried H6912 in Aijalon H357 in the country H776 of Zebulun.H2075

Jue 12:13 And after H310 him Abdon H5658 the son H1121 of Hillel, H1985 a Pirathonite, H6553 judged H8199 (H853) Israel.H3478

Jue 12:14 And he had H1961 forty H705 sons H1121 and thirty H7970 nephews, H1121 H1121 that rode H7392 on H5921 threescore and ten H7657 ass colts: H5895 and he judged H8199 (H853) Israel H3478 eight H8083 years.H8141

Jue 12:15 And Abdon H5658 the son H1121 of Hillel H1985 the Pirathonite H6553 died, H4191 and was buried H6912 in Pirathon H6552 in the land H776 of Ephraim, H669 in the mount H2022 of the Amalekites.H6003

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