Miqueas  Capitulo 4 - King James with Numbers Strong

Miq 4:1 But in the last H319 days H3117 it shall come to pass, H1961 that the mountain H2022 of the house H1004 of the LORD H3068 shall be H1961 established H3559 in the top H7218 of the mountains, H2022 and it H1931 shall be exalted H5375 above the hills; H4480 H1389 and people H5971 shall flow H5102 unto H5921 it.

Miq 4:2 And many H7227 nations H1471 shall come, H1980 and say, H559 Come, H1980 and let us go up H5927 to H413 the mountain H2022 of the LORD, H3068 and to H413 the house H1004 of the God H430 of Jacob; H3290 and he will teach H3384 us of his ways, H4480 H1870 and we will walk H1980 in his paths: H734 for H3588 the law H8451 shall go forth H3318 of Zion, H4480 H6726 and the word H1697 of the LORD H3068 from Jerusalem. H4480 H3389

Miq 4:3 And he shall judge H8199 among H996 many H7227 people, H5971 and rebuke H3198 strong H6099 nations H1471 afar off; H5704 H7350 and they shall beat H3807 their swords H2719 into plowshares, H855 and their spears H2595 into pruninghooks: H4211 nation H1471 shall not H3808 lift up H5375 a sword H2719 against H413 nation, H1471 neither H3808 shall they learn H3925 war H4421 any more.H5750

Miq 4:4 But they shall sit H3427 every man H376 under H8478 his vine H1612 and under H8478 his fig tree; H8384 and none H369 shall make them afraid: H2729 for H3588 the mouth H6310 of the LORD H3068 of hosts H6635 hath spoken H1696 it.

Miq 4:5 For H3588 all H3605 people H5971 will walk H1980 every one H376 in the name H8034 of his god, H430 and we H587 will walk H1980 in the name H8034 of the LORD H3068 our God H430 for ever H5769 and ever.H5703

Miq 4:6 In that H1931 day, H3117 saith H5002 the LORD, H3068 will I assemble H622 her that halteth, H6760 and I will gather H6908 her that is driven out, H5080 and her that H834 I have afflicted;H7489

Miq 4:7 And I will make H7760 (H853) her that halted H6760 a remnant, H7611 and her that was cast far off H1972 a strong H6099 nation: H1471 and the LORD H3068 shall reign H4427 over H5921 them in mount H2022 Zion H6726 from henceforth, H4480 H6258 even for ever. H5704 H5769

Miq 4:8 And thou, H859 O tower H4026 of the flock, H5739 the strong hold H6076 of the daughter H1323 of Zion, H6726 unto H5704 thee shall it come, H857 even the first H7223 dominion; H4475 the kingdom H4467 shall come H935 to the daughter H1323 of Jerusalem.H3389

Miq 4:9 Now H6258 why H4100 dost thou cry out H7321 aloud? H7452 is there no H369 king H4428 in thee? is thy counsellor H3289 perished? H6 for H3588 pangs H2427 have taken H2388 thee as a woman in travail.H3205

Miq 4:10 Be in pain, H2342 and labour to bring forth, H1518 O daughter H1323 of Zion, H6726 like a woman in travail: H3205 for H3588 now H6258 shalt thou go forth H3318 out of the city, H4480 H7151 and thou shalt dwell H7931 in the field, H7704 and thou shalt go H935 even to H5704 Babylon; H894 there H8033 shalt thou be delivered; H5337 there H8033 the LORD H3068 shall redeem H1350 thee from the hand H4480 H3709 of thine enemies.H341

Miq 4:11 Now H6258 also many H7227 nations H1471 are gathered H622 against H5921 thee, that say, H559 Let her be defiled, H2610 and let our eye H5869 look H2372 upon Zion.H6726

Miq 4:12 But they H1992 know H3045 not H3808 the thoughts H4284 of the LORD, H3068 neither H3808 understand H995 they his counsel: H6098 for H3588 he shall gather H6908 them as the sheaves H5995 into the floor.H1637

Miq 4:13 Arise H6965 and thresh, H1758 O daughter H1323 of Zion: H6726 for H3588 I will make H7760 thine horn H7161 iron, H1270 and I will make H7760 thy hoofs H6541 brass: H5154 and thou shalt beat in pieces H1854 many H7227 people: H5971 and I will consecrate H2763 their gain H1215 unto the LORD, H3068 and their substance H2428 unto the Lord H113 of the whole H3605 earth.H776

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