Oseas  Capitulo 11 - King James with Numbers Strong

Ose 11:1 When H3588 Israel H3478 was a child, H5288 then I loved H157 him, and called H7121 my son H1121 out of Egypt. H4480 H4714

Ose 11:2 As they called H7121 them, so H3651 they went H1980 from H4480 H6440 them: they sacrificed H2076 unto Baalim, H1168 and burned incense H6999 to graven images.H6456

Ose 11:3 I H595 taught Ephraim also to go, H8637 H669 taking H3947 them by H5921 their arms; H2220 but they knew H3045 not H3808 that H3588 I healed H7495 them.

Ose 11:4 I drew H4900 them with cords H2256 of a man, H120 with bands H5688 of love: H160 and I was H1961 to them as they that take off H7311 the yoke H5923 on H5921 their jaws, H3895 and I laid H5186 meat H398 unto H413 them.

Ose 11:5 He shall not H3808 return H7725 into H413 the land H776 of Egypt, H4714 but the Assyrian H804 shall be his king, H4428 because H3588 they refused H3985 to return.H7725

Ose 11:6 And the sword H2719 shall abide H2342 on his cities, H5892 and shall consume H3615 his branches, H905 and devour H398 them, because of their own counsels. H4480 H4156

Ose 11:7 And my people H5971 are bent H8511 to backsliding H4878 from me: though they called H7121 them to H413 the most High, H5920 none at all H3808 H3162 would exalt H7311 him.

Ose 11:8 How H349 shall I give thee up, H5414 Ephraim? H669 how shall I deliver H4042 thee, Israel? H3478 how H349 shall I make H5414 thee as Admah? H126 how shall I set H7760 thee as Zeboim? H6636 mine heart H3820 is turned H2015 within H5921 me, my repentings H5150 are kindled H3648 together.H3162

Ose 11:9 I will not H3808 execute H6213 the fierceness H2740 of mine anger, H639 I will not H3808 return H7725 to destroy H7843 Ephraim: H669 for H3588 I H595 am God, H410 and not H3808 man; H376 the Holy One H6918 in the midst H7130 of thee: and I will not H3808 enter H935 into the city.H5892

Ose 11:10 They shall walk H1980 after H310 the LORD: H3068 he shall roar H7580 like a lion: H738 when H3588 he H1931 shall roar, H7580 then the children H1121 shall tremble H2729 from the west. H4480 H3220

Ose 11:11 They shall tremble H2729 as a bird H6833 out of Egypt, H4480 H4714 and as a dove H3123 out of the land H4480 H776 of Assyria: H804 and I will place H3427 them in H5921 their houses, H1004 saith H5002 the LORD.H3068

Ose 11:12 Ephraim H669 compasseth me about H5437 with lies, H3585 and the house H1004 of Israel H3478 with deceit: H4820 but Judah H3063 yet H5750 ruleth H7300 with H5973 God, H410 and is faithful H539 with H5973 the saints.H6918

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