Oseas  Capitulo 14 - King James with Numbers Strong

Ose 14:1 O Israel, H3478 return H7725 unto H5704 the LORD H3068 thy God; H430 for H3588 thou hast fallen H3782 by thine iniquity.H5771

Ose 14:2 Take H3947 with H5973 you words, H1697 and turn H7725 to H413 the LORD: H3068 say H559 unto H413 him, Take away H5375 all H3605 iniquity, H5771 and receive H3947 us graciously: H2895 so will we render H7999 the calves H6499 of our lips.H8193

Ose 14:3 Asshur H804 shall not H3808 save H3467 us; we will not H3808 ride H7392 upon H5921 horses: H5483 neither H3808 will we say H559 any more H5750 to the work H4639 of our hands, H3027 Ye are our gods: H430 for H834 in thee the fatherless H3490 findeth mercy.H7355

Ose 14:4 I will heal H7495 their backsliding, H4878 I will love H157 them freely: H5071 for H3588 mine anger H639 is turned away H7725 from H4480 him.

Ose 14:5 I will be H1961 as the dew H2919 unto Israel: H3478 he shall grow H6524 as the lily, H7799 and cast forth H5221 his roots H8328 as Lebanon.H3844

Ose 14:6 His branches H3127 shall spread, H1980 and his beauty H1935 shall be H1961 as the olive tree, H2132 and his smell H7381 as Lebanon.H3844

Ose 14:7 They that dwell H3427 under his shadow H6738 shall return; H7725 they shall revive H2421 as the corn, H1715 and grow H6524 as the vine: H1612 the scent H2143 thereof shall be as the wine H3196 of Lebanon.H3844

Ose 14:8 Ephraim H669 shall say, What H4100 have I to do any more H5750 with idols? H6091 I H589 have heard H6030 him, and observed H7789 him: I H589 am like a green H7488 fir tree. H1265 From H4480 me is thy fruit H6529 found.H4672

Ose 14:9 Who H4310 is wise, H2450 and he shall understand H995 these H428 things? prudent, H995 and he shall know H3045 them? for H3588 the ways H1870 of the LORD H3068 are right, H3477 and the just H6662 shall walk H1980 in them: but the transgressors H6586 shall fall H3782 therein.

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