Proverbios  Capitulo 15 - King James with Numbers Strong

Pro 15:1 A soft H7390 answer H4617 turneth away H7725 wrath: H2534 but grievous H6089 words H1697 stir up H5927 anger.H639

Pro 15:2 The tongue H3956 of the wise H2450 useth knowledge H1847 aright: H3190 but the mouth H6310 of fools H3684 poureth out H5042 foolishness.H200

Pro 15:3 The eyes H5869 of the LORD H3068 are in every H3605 place, H4725 beholding H6822 the evil H7451 and the good.H2896

Pro 15:4 A wholesome H4832 tongue H3956 is a tree H6086 of life: H2416 but perverseness H5558 therein is a breach H7667 in the spirit.H7307

Pro 15:5 A fool H191 despiseth H5006 his father's H1 instruction: H4148 but he that regardeth H8104 reproof H8433 is prudent.H6191

Pro 15:6 In the house H1004 of the righteous H6662 is much H7227 treasure: H2633 but in the revenues H8393 of the wicked H7563 is trouble.H5916

Pro 15:7 The lips H8193 of the wise H2450 disperse H2219 knowledge: H1847 but the heart H3820 of the foolish H3684 doeth not H3808 so.H3651

Pro 15:8 The sacrifice H2077 of the wicked H7563 is an abomination H8441 to the LORD: H3068 but the prayer H8605 of the upright H3477 is his delight.H7522

Pro 15:9 The way H1870 of the wicked H7563 is an abomination H8441 unto the LORD: H3068 but he loveth H157 him that followeth after H7291 righteousness.H6666

Pro 15:10 Correction H4148 is grievous H7451 unto him that forsaketh H5800 the way: H734 and he that hateth H8130 reproof H8433 shall die.H4191

Pro 15:11 Hell H7585 and destruction H11 are before H5048 the LORD: H3068 how much more then H637 H3588 the hearts H3826 of the children H1121 of men?H120

Pro 15:12 A scorner H3887 loveth H157 not H3808 one that reproveth H3198 him: neither H3808 will he go H1980 unto H413 the wise.H2450

Pro 15:13 A merry H8056 heart H3820 maketh a cheerful H3190 countenance: H6440 but by sorrow H6094 of the heart H3820 the spirit H7307 is broken.H5218

Pro 15:14 The heart H3820 of him that hath understanding H995 seeketh H1245 knowledge: H1847 but the mouth H6310 of fools H3684 feedeth on H7462 foolishness.H200

Pro 15:15 All H3605 the days H3117 of the afflicted H6041 are evil: H7451 but he that is of a merry H2896 heart H3820 hath a continual H8548 feast.H4960

Pro 15:16 Better H2896 is little H4592 with the fear H3374 of the LORD H3068 than great H7227 treasure H4480 H214 and trouble H4103 therewith.

Pro 15:17 Better H2896 is a dinner H737 of herbs H3419 where H8033 love H160 is, than a stalled H75 ox H4480 H7794 and hatred H8135 therewith.

Pro 15:18 A wrathful H2534 man H376 stirreth up H1624 strife: H4066 but he that is slow H750 to anger H639 appeaseth H8252 strife.H7379

Pro 15:19 The way H1870 of the slothful H6102 man is as an hedge H4881 of thorns: H2312 but the way H734 of the righteous H3477 is made plain.H5549

Pro 15:20 A wise H2450 son H1121 maketh a glad H8055 father: H1 but a foolish H3684 man H120 despiseth H959 his mother.H517

Pro 15:21 Folly H200 is joy H8057 to him that is destitute H2638 of wisdom: H3820 but a man H376 of understanding H8394 walketh H1980 uprightly.H3474

Pro 15:22 Without H369 counsel H5475 purposes H4284 are disappointed: H6565 but in the multitude H7230 of counsellors H3289 they are established.H6965

Pro 15:23 A man H376 hath joy H8057 by the answer H4617 of his mouth: H6310 and a word H1697 spoken in due season, H6256 how H4100 good H2896 is it!

Pro 15:24 The way H734 of life H2416 is above H4605 to the wise, H7919 that H4616 he may depart H5493 from hell H4480 H7585 beneath.H4295

Pro 15:25 The LORD H3068 will destroy H5255 the house H1004 of the proud: H1343 but he will establish H5324 the border H1366 of the widow.H490

Pro 15:26 The thoughts H4284 of the wicked H7451 are an abomination H8441 to the LORD: H3068 but the words of the pure H2889 are pleasant H5278 words.H561

Pro 15:27 He that is greedy H1214 of gain H1215 troubleth H5916 his own house; H1004 but he that hateth H8130 gifts H4979 shall live.H2421

Pro 15:28 The heart H3820 of the righteous H6662 studieth H1897 to answer: H6030 but the mouth H6310 of the wicked H7563 poureth out H5042 evil things.H7451

Pro 15:29 The LORD H3068 is far H7350 from the wicked: H4480 H7563 but he heareth H8085 the prayer H8605 of the righteous.H6662

Pro 15:30 The light H3974 of the eyes H5869 rejoiceth H8055 the heart: H3820 and a good H2896 report H8052 maketh the bones H6106 fat.H1878

Pro 15:31 The ear H241 that heareth H8085 the reproof H8433 of life H2416 abideth H3885 among H7130 the wise.H2450

Pro 15:32 He that refuseth H6544 instruction H4148 despiseth H3988 his own soul: H5315 but he that heareth H8085 reproof H8433 getteth H7069 understanding.H3820

Pro 15:33 The fear H3374 of the LORD H3068 is the instruction H4148 of wisdom; H2451 and before H6440 honour H3519 is humility.H6038

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