Salmos  Capitulo 12 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 12:1 To the chief Musician H5329 upon H5921 Sheminith, H8067 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 Help, H3467 LORD; H3068 for H3588 the godly man H2623 ceaseth; H1584 for H3588 the faithful H539 fail H6461 from among the children H4480 H1121 of men.H120

Sal 12:2 They speak H1696 vanity H7723 every one H376 with H854 his neighbour: H7453 with flattering H2513 lips H8193 and with a double heart H3820 H3820 do they speak.H1696

Sal 12:3 The LORD H3068 shall cut off H3772 all H3605 flattering H2513 lips, H8193 and the tongue H3956 that speaketh H1696 proud things:H1419

Sal 12:4 Who H834 have said, H559 With our tongue H3956 will we prevail; H1396 our lips H8193 are our own: who H4310 is lord H113 over us?

Sal 12:5 For the oppression H4480 H7701 of the poor, H6041 for the sighing H4480 H603 of the needy, H34 now H6258 will I arise, H6965 saith H559 the LORD; H3068 I will set H7896 him in safety H3468 from him that puffeth H6315 at him.

Sal 12:6 The words H565 of the LORD H3068 are pure H2889 words: H565 as silver H3701 tried H6884 in a furnace H5948 of earth, H776 purified H2212 seven H7659 times.

Sal 12:7 Thou H859 shalt keep H8104 them, O LORD, H3068 thou shalt preserve H5341 them from H4480 this H2098 generation H1755 for ever.H5769

Sal 12:8 The wicked H7563 walk H1980 on every side, H5439 when the vilest H2149 men H120 are exalted.H7311

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