Salmos  Capitulo 138 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 138:1 A Psalm of David. H1732 I will praise H3034 thee with my whole H3605 heart: H3820 before H5048 the gods H430 will I sing praise H2167 unto thee.

Sal 138:2 I will worship H7812 toward H413 thy holy H6944 temple, H1964 and praise H3034 (H853) thy name H8034 for H3588 thy lovingkindness H2617 and for H5921 thy truth: H571 for H3588 thou hast magnified H1431 thy word H565 above H5921 all H3605 thy name.H8034

Sal 138:3 In the day H3117 when I cried H7121 thou answeredst H6030 me, and strengthenedst H7292 me with strength H5797 in my soul.H5315

Sal 138:4 All H3605 the kings H4428 of the earth H776 shall praise H3034 thee, O LORD, H3068 when H3588 they hear H8085 the words H561 of thy mouth.H6310

Sal 138:5 Yea, they shall sing H7891 in the ways H1870 of the LORD: H3068 for H3588 great H1419 is the glory H3519 of the LORD.H3068

Sal 138:6 Though H3588 the LORD H3068 be high, H7311 yet hath he respect H7200 unto the lowly: H8217 but the proud H1364 he knoweth H3045 afar off. H4480 H4801

Sal 138:7 Though H518 I walk H1980 in the midst H7130 of trouble, H6869 thou wilt revive H2421 me: thou shalt stretch forth H7971 thine hand H3027 against H5921 the wrath H639 of mine enemies, H341 and thy right hand H3225 shall save H3467 me.

Sal 138:8 The LORD H3068 will perfect H1584 that which concerneth H1157 me: thy mercy, H2617 O LORD, H3068 endureth for ever: H5769 forsake H7503 not H408 the works H4639 of thine own hands.H3027

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