Salmos  Capitulo 141 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 141:1 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 LORD, H3068 I cry H7121 unto thee: make haste H2363 unto me; give ear H238 unto my voice, H6963 when I cry H7121 unto thee.

Sal 141:2 Let my prayer H8605 be set forth H3559 before H6440 thee as incense; H7004 and the lifting up H4864 of my hands H3709 as the evening H6153 sacrifice.H4503

Sal 141:3 Set H7896 a watch, H8108 O LORD, H3068 before my mouth; H6310 keep H5341 H5921 the door H1817 of my lips.H8193

Sal 141:4 Incline H5186 not H408 my heart H3820 to any evil H7451 thing, H1697 to practise H5953 wicked H7562 works H5949 with H854 men H376 that work H6466 iniquity: H205 and let me not H1077 eat H3898 of their dainties.H4516

Sal 141:5 Let the righteous H6662 smite H1986 me; it shall be a kindness: H2617 and let him reprove H3198 me; it shall be an excellent H7218 oil, H8081 which shall not H408 break H5106 my head: H7218 for H3588 yet H5750 my prayer H8605 also shall be in their calamities.H7451

Sal 141:6 When their judges H8199 are overthrown H8058 in stony H5553 places, H3027 they shall hear H8085 my words; H561 for H3588 they are sweet.H5276

Sal 141:7 Our bones H6106 are scattered H6340 at the grave's H7585 mouth, H6310 as when H3644 one cutteth H6398 and cleaveth H1234 wood upon the earth.H776

Sal 141:8 But H3588 mine eyes H5869 are unto H413 thee, O GOD H3069 the Lord: H136 in thee is my trust; H2620 leave not my soul destitute. H6168 H408 H5315

Sal 141:9 Keep H8104 me from H4480 H3027 the snares H6341 which they have laid H3369 for me, and the gins H4170 of the workers H6466 of iniquity.H205

Sal 141:10 Let the wicked H7563 fall H5307 into their own nets, H4364 whilst H5704 that I H595 withal H3162 escape.H5674

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