Salmos  Capitulo 26 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 26:1 A Psalm of David. H1732 Judge H8199 me, O LORD; H3068 for H3588 I H589 have walked H1980 in mine integrity: H8537 I have trusted H982 also in the LORD; H3068 therefore I shall not H3808 slide.H4571

Sal 26:2 Examine H974 me, O LORD, H3068 and prove H5254 me; try H6884 my reins H3629 and my heart.H3820

Sal 26:3 For H3588 thy lovingkindness H2617 is before H5048 mine eyes: H5869 and I have walked H1980 in thy truth.H571

Sal 26:4 I have not H3808 sat H3427 with H5973 vain H7723 persons, H4962 neither H3808 will I go in H935 with H5973 dissemblers.H5956

Sal 26:5 I have hated H8130 the congregation H6951 of evil doers; H7489 and will not H3808 sit H3427 with H5973 the wicked.H7563

Sal 26:6 I will wash H7364 mine hands H3709 in innocency: H5356 so will I compass H5437 thine(H853) altar, H4196 O LORD:H3068

Sal 26:7 That I may publish H8085 with the voice H6963 of thanksgiving, H8426 and tell H5608 of all H3605 thy wondrous works.H6381

Sal 26:8 LORD, H3068 I have loved H157 the habitation H4583 of thy house, H1004 and the place H4725 where thine honour H3519 dwelleth.H4908

Sal 26:9 Gather H622 not H408 my soul H5315 with H5973 sinners, H2400 nor my life H2416 with H5973 bloody H1818 men:H376

Sal 26:10 In whose H834 hands H3027 is mischief, H2154 and their right hand H3225 is full H4390 of bribes.H7810

Sal 26:11 But as for me, H589 I will walk H1980 in mine integrity: H8537 redeem H6299 me, and be merciful H2603 unto me.

Sal 26:12 My foot H7272 standeth H5975 in an even place: H4334 in the congregations H4721 will I bless H1288 the LORD.H3068

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