Salmos  Capitulo 28 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 28:1 A Psalm of David. H1732 Unto H413 thee will I cry, H7121 O LORD H3068 my rock; H6697 be not H408 silent H2790 to H4480 me: lest, H6435 if thou be silent H2790 to H4480 me, I become like H4911 H5973 them that go down H3381 into the pit.H953

Sal 28:2 Hear H8085 the voice H6963 of my supplications, H8469 when I cry H7768 unto H413 thee, when I lift up H5375 my hands H3027 toward H413 thy holy H6944 oracle.H1687

Sal 28:3 Draw H4900 me not H408 away with H5973 the wicked, H7563 and with H5973 the workers H6466 of iniquity, H205 which speak H1696 peace H7965 to H5973 their neighbours, H7453 but mischief H7451 is in their hearts.H3824

Sal 28:4 Give H5414 them according to their deeds, H6467 and according to the wickedness H7455 of their endeavours: H4611 give H5414 them after the work H4639 of their hands; H3027 render H7725 to them their desert.H1576

Sal 28:5 Because H3588 they regard H995 H413 not H3808 the works H6468 of the LORD, H3068 nor the operation H4639 of his hands, H3027 he shall destroy H2040 them, and not H3808 build them up.H1129

Sal 28:6 Blessed H1288 be the LORD, H3068 because H3588 he hath heard H8085 the voice H6963 of my supplications.H8469

Sal 28:7 The LORD H3068 is my strength H5797 and my shield; H4043 my heart H3820 trusted H982 in him, and I am helped: H5826 therefore my heart H3820 greatly rejoiceth; H5937 and with my song H4480 H7892 will I praise H3034 him.

Sal 28:8 The LORD H3068 is their strength, H5797 and he H1931 is the saving H3444 strength H4581 of his anointed.H4899

Sal 28:9 Save H3467 (H853) thy people, H5971 and bless H1288 (H853) thine inheritance: H5159 feed H7462 them also, and lift them up H5375 for ever. H5704 H5769

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