Salmos  Capitulo 38 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 38:1 A Psalm H4210 of David, H1732 to bring to remembrance. H2142 O LORD, H3068 rebuke H3198 me not H408 in thy wrath: H7110 neither chasten H3256 me in thy hot displeasure.H2534

Sal 38:2 For H3588 thine arrows H2671 stick fast H5181 in me, and thy hand H3027 presseth me sore. H5181 H5921

Sal 38:3 There is no H369 soundness H4974 in my flesh H1320 because H4480 H6440 of thine anger; H2195 neither H369 is there any rest H7965 in my bones H6106 because H4480 H6440 of my sin.H2403

Sal 38:4 For H3588 mine iniquities H5771 are gone over H5674 mine head: H7218 as an heavy H3515 burden H4853 they are too heavy H3513 for H4480 me.

Sal 38:5 My wounds H2250 stink H887 and are corrupt H4743 because H4480 H6440 of my foolishness.H200

Sal 38:6 I am troubled; H5753 I am bowed down H7817 greatly; H5704 H3966 I go H1980 mourning H6937 all H3605 the day H3117 long.

Sal 38:7 For H3588 my loins H3689 are filled H4390 with a loathsome H7033 disease: and there is no H369 soundness H4974 in my flesh.H1320

Sal 38:8 I am feeble H6313 and sore H5704 H3966 broken: H1794 I have roared H7580 by reason of the disquietness H4480 H5100 of my heart.H3820

Sal 38:9 Lord, H136 all H3605 my desire H8378 is before H5048 thee; and my groaning H585 is not H3808 hid H5641 from H4480 thee.

Sal 38:10 My heart H3820 panteth, H5503 my strength H3581 faileth H5800 me: as for the light H216 of mine eyes, H5869 it H1992 also H1571 is gone H369 from H854 me.

Sal 38:11 My lovers H157 and my friends H7453 stand aloof H5975 from my sore; H4480 H5048 H5061 and my kinsmen H7138 stand H5975 afar off. H4480 H7350

Sal 38:12 They also that seek after H1245 my life H5315 lay snares H5367 for me: and they that seek H1875 my hurt H7451 speak H1696 mischievous things, H1942 and imagine H1897 deceits H4820 all H3605 the day H3117 long.

Sal 38:13 But I, H589 as a deaf H2795 man, heard H8085 not; H3808 and I was as a dumb man H483 that openeth H6605 not H3808 his mouth.H6310

Sal 38:14 Thus I was H1961 as a man H376 that H834 heareth H8085 not, H3808 and in whose mouth H6310 are no H369 reproofs.H8433

Sal 38:15 For H3588 in thee, O LORD, H3068 do I hope: H3176 thou H859 wilt hear, H6030 O Lord H136 my God.H430

Sal 38:16 For H3588 I said, H559 Hear me, lest H6435 otherwise they should rejoice H8055 over me: when my foot H7272 slippeth, H4131 they magnify H1431 themselves against H5921 me.

Sal 38:17 For H3588 I H589 am ready H3559 to halt, H6761 and my sorrow H4341 is continually H8548 before H5048 me.

Sal 38:18 For H3588 I will declare H5046 mine iniquity; H5771 I will be sorry H1672 for my sin. H4480 H2403

Sal 38:19 But mine enemies H341 are lively, H2416 and they are strong: H6105 and they that hate H8130 me wrongfully H8267 are multiplied.H7231

Sal 38:20 They also that render H7999 evil H7451 for H8478 good H2896 are mine adversaries; H7853 because H8478 I follow H7291 the thing that good H2896 is.

Sal 38:21 Forsake H5800 me not, H408 O LORD: H3068 O my God, H430 be not H408 far H7368 from H4480 me.

Sal 38:22 Make haste H2363 to help H5833 me, O Lord H136 my salvation.H8668

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