Salmos  Capitulo 48 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 48:1 A Song H7892 and Psalm H4210 for the sons H1121 of Korah. H7141 Great H1419 is the LORD, H3068 and greatly H3966 to be praised H1984 in the city H5892 of our God, H430 in the mountain H2022 of his holiness.H6944

Sal 48:2 Beautiful H3303 for situation, H5131 the joy H4885 of the whole H3605 earth, H776 is mount H2022 Zion, H6726 on the sides H3411 of the north, H6828 the city H7151 of the great H7227 King.H4428

Sal 48:3 God H430 is known H3045 in her palaces H759 for a refuge.H4869

Sal 48:4 For, H3588 lo, H2009 the kings H4428 were assembled, H3259 they passed by H5674 together.H3162

Sal 48:5 They H1992 saw H7200 it, and so H3651 they marvelled; H8539 they were troubled, H926 and hasted away.H2648

Sal 48:6 Fear H7461 took hold upon H270 them there, H8033 and pain, H2427 as of a woman in travail.H3205

Sal 48:7 Thou breakest H7665 the ships H591 of Tarshish H8659 with an east H6921 wind.H7307

Sal 48:8 As H834 we have heard, H8085 so H3651 have we seen H7200 in the city H5892 of the LORD H3068 of hosts, H6635 in the city H5892 of our God: H430 God H430 will establish H3559 it for ever. H5704 H5769 Selah.H5542

Sal 48:9 We have thought H1819 of thy lovingkindness, H2617 O God, H430 in the midst H7130 of thy temple.H1964

Sal 48:10 According to thy name, H8034 O God, H430 so H3651 is thy praise H8416 unto H5921 the ends H7099 of the earth: H776 thy right hand H3225 is full H4390 of righteousness.H6664

Sal 48:11 Let mount H2022 Zion H6726 rejoice, H8055 let the daughters H1323 of Judah H3063 be glad, H1523 because of H4616 thy judgments.H4941

Sal 48:12 Walk about H5437 Zion, H6726 and go round about H5362 her: tell H5608 the towers H4026 thereof.

Sal 48:13 Mark ye well H7896 H3820 her bulwarks, H2430 consider H6448 her palaces; H759 that H4616 ye may tell H5608 it to the generation H1755 following.H314

Sal 48:14 For H3588 this H2088 God H430 is our God H430 for ever H5769 and ever: H5703 he H1931 will be our guide H5090 even unto H5921 death.H4191

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