Salmos  Capitulo 56 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 56:1 To the chief Musician H5329 upon H5921 Jonathelemrechokim, H3128 Michtam H4387 of David, H1732 when the Philistines H6430 took H270 him in Gath. H1661 Be merciful H2603 unto me, O God: H430 for H3588 man H582 would swallow me up; H7602 he fighting H3898 daily H3605 H3117 oppresseth H3905 me.

Sal 56:2 Mine enemies H8324 would daily H3605 H3117 swallow me up: H7602 for H3588 they be many H7227 that fight H3898 against me, O thou most High.H4791

Sal 56:3 What time H3117 I am afraid, H3372 I H589 will trust H982 in H413 thee.

Sal 56:4 In God H430 I will praise H1984 his word, H1697 in God H430 I have put my trust; H982 I will not H3808 fear H3372 what H4100 flesh H1320 can do H6213 unto me.

Sal 56:5 Every H3605 day H3117 they wrest H6087 my words: H1697 all H3605 their thoughts H4284 are against H5921 me for evil.H7451

Sal 56:6 They gather themselves together, H1481 they hide H6845 themselves, they H1992 mark H8104 my steps, H6119 when H834 they wait for H6960 my soul.H5315

Sal 56:7 Shall they H3926 escape H6403 by H5921 iniquity? H205 in thine anger H639 cast down H3381 the people, H5971 O God.H430

Sal 56:8 Thou tellest H5608 my wanderings: H5112 put H7760 thou H859 my tears H1832 into thy bottle: H4997 are they not H3808 in thy book?H5612

Sal 56:9 When H3117 I cry H7121 unto thee, then H227 shall mine enemies H341 turn H7725 back: H268 this H2088 I know; H3045 for H3588 God H430 is for me.

Sal 56:10 In God H430 will I praise H1984 his word: H1697 in the LORD H3068 will I praise H1984 his word.H1697

Sal 56:11 In God H430 have I put my trust: H982 I will not H3808 be afraid H3372 what H4100 man H120 can do H6213 unto me.

Sal 56:12 Thy vows H5088 are upon H5921 me, O God: H430 I will render H7999 praises H8426 unto thee.

Sal 56:13 For H3588 thou hast delivered H5337 my soul H5315 from death: H4480 H4194 wilt not H3808 thou deliver my feet H7272 from falling, H4480 H1762 that I may walk H1980 before H6440 God H430 in the light H216 of the living?H2416

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