Salmos  Capitulo 59 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 59:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 Altaschith, H516 Michtam H4387 of David; H1732 when Saul H7586 sent, H7971 and they watched H8104 (H853) the house H1004 to kill H4191 him. Deliver H5337 me from mine enemies, H4480 H341 O my God: H430 defend H7682 me from them that rise up against H4480 H6965 me.

Sal 59:2 Deliver H5337 me from the workers H4480 H6466 of iniquity, H205 and save H3467 me from bloody H1818 men. H4480 H376

Sal 59:3 For, H3588 lo, H2009 they lie in wait H693 for my soul: H5315 the mighty H5794 are gathered H1481 against H5921 me; not H3808 for my transgression, H6588 nor H3808 for my sin, H2403 O LORD.H3068

Sal 59:4 They run H7323 and prepare themselves H3559 without H1097 my fault: H5771 awake H5782 to help H7125 me, and behold.H7200

Sal 59:5 Thou H859 therefore, O LORD H3068 God H430 of hosts, H6635 the God H430 of Israel, H3478 awake H6974 to visit H6485 all H3605 the heathen: H1471 be not H408 merciful H2603 to any H3605 wicked H205 transgressors. H898 Selah.H5542

Sal 59:6 They return H7725 at evening: H6153 they make a noise H1993 like a dog, H3611 and go round about H5437 the city.H5892

Sal 59:7 Behold, H2009 they belch out H5042 with their mouth: H6310 swords H2719 are in their lips: H8193 for H3588 who, H4310 say they, doth hear?H8085

Sal 59:8 But thou, H859 O LORD, H3068 shalt laugh H7832 at them; thou shalt have all H3605 the heathen H1471 in derision.H3932

Sal 59:9 Because of his strength H5797 will I wait H8104 upon H413 thee: for H3588 God H430 is my defence.H4869

Sal 59:10 The God H430 of my mercy H2617 shall prevent H6923 me: God H430 shall let me see H7200 my desire upon mine enemies.H8324

Sal 59:11 Slay H2026 them not, H408 lest H6435 my people H5971 forget: H7911 scatter H5128 them by thy power; H2428 and bring them down, H3381 O Lord H136 our shield.H4043

Sal 59:12 For the sin H2403 of their mouth H6310 and the words H1697 of their lips H8193 let them even be taken H3920 in their pride: H1347 and for cursing H4480 H423 and lying H4480 H3585 which they speak.H5608

Sal 59:13 Consume H3615 them in wrath, H2534 consume H3615 them, that they may not H369 be: and let them know H3045 that H3588 God H430 ruleth H4910 in Jacob H3290 unto the ends H657 of the earth. H776 Selah.H5542

Sal 59:14 And at evening H6153 let them return; H7725 and let them make a noise H1993 like a dog, H3611 and go round about H5437 the city.H5892

Sal 59:15 Let them H1992 wander up and down H5128 for meat, H398 and grudge H3885 if H518 they be not H3808 satisfied.H7646

Sal 59:16 But I H589 will sing H7891 of thy power; H5797 yea, I will sing aloud H7442 of thy mercy H2617 in the morning: H1242 for H3588 thou hast been H1961 my defence H4869 and refuge H4498 in the day H3117 of my trouble.H6862

Sal 59:17 Unto H413 thee, O my strength, H5797 will I sing: H2167 for H3588 God H430 is my defence, H4869 and the God H430 of my mercy.H2617

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