Salmos  Capitulo 73 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 73:1 A Psalm H4210 of Asaph. H623 Truly H389 God H430 is good H2896 to Israel, H3478 even to such as are of a clean H1249 heart.H3824

Sal 73:2 But as for me, H589 my feet H7272 were almost H4592 gone; H5186 my steps H838 had well nigh H369 slipped.H8210

Sal 73:3 For H3588 I was envious H7065 at the foolish, H1984 when I saw H7200 the prosperity H7965 of the wicked.H7563

Sal 73:4 For H3588 there are no H369 bands H2784 in their death: H4194 but their strength H193 is firm.H1277

Sal 73:5 They are not H369 in trouble H5999 as other men; H582 neither H3808 are they plagued H5060 like H5973 other men.H120

Sal 73:6 Therefore H3651 pride H1346 compasseth them about as a chain; H6059 violence H2555 covereth H5848 them as a garment.H7897

Sal 73:7 Their eyes H5869 stand out H3318 with fatness: H4480 H2459 they have more H5674 than heart H3824 could wish.H4906

Sal 73:8 They are corrupt, H4167 and speak H1696 wickedly H7451 concerning oppression: H6233 they speak H1696 loftily. H4480 H4791

Sal 73:9 They set H8371 their mouth H6310 against the heavens, H8064 and their tongue H3956 walketh H1980 through the earth.H776

Sal 73:10 Therefore H3651 his people H5971 return H7725 hither: H1988 and waters H4325 of a full H4392 cup are wrung out H4680 to them.

Sal 73:11 And they say, H559 How H349 doth God H410 know? H3045 and is there H3426 knowledge H1844 in the most High?H5945

Sal 73:12 Behold, H2009 these H428 are the ungodly, H7563 who prosper H7961 in the world; H5769 they increase H7685 in riches.H2428

Sal 73:13 Verily H389 I have cleansed H2135 my heart H3824 in vain, H7385 and washed H7364 my hands H3709 in innocency.H5356

Sal 73:14 For all H3605 the day H3117 long have I been H1961 plagued, H5060 and chastened H8433 every morning.H1242

Sal 73:15 If H518 I say, H559 I will speak H5608 thus; H3644 behold, H2009 I should offend H898 against the generation H1755 of thy children.H1121

Sal 73:17 Until H5704 I went H935 into H413 the sanctuary H4720 of God; H410 then understood H995 I their end.H319

Sal 73:18 Surely H389 thou didst set H7896 them in slippery places: H2513 thou castedst them down H5307 into destruction.H4876

Sal 73:19 How H349 are H1961 they brought into desolation, H8047 as in a moment! H7281 they are utterly consumed H5486 H8552 with H4480 terrors.H1091

Sal 73:20 As a dream H2472 when one awaketh; H4480 H6974 so, O Lord, H136 when thou awakest, H5782 thou shalt despise H959 their image.H6754

Sal 73:21 Thus H3588 my heart H3824 was grieved, H2556 and I was pricked H8150 in my reins.H3629

Sal 73:22 So foolish H1198 was I, H589 and ignorant: H3808 H3045 I was H1961 as a beast H929 before H5973 thee.

Sal 73:23 Nevertheless I H589 am continually H8548 with H5973 thee: thou hast holden H270 me by my right H3225 hand.H3027

Sal 73:24 Thou shalt guide H5148 me with thy counsel, H6098 and afterward H310 receive H3947 me to glory.H3519

Sal 73:25 Whom H4310 have I in heaven H8064 but thee? and there is none H3808 upon earth H776 that I desire H2654 beside H5973 thee.

Sal 73:26 My flesh H7607 and my heart H3824 faileth: H3615 but God H430 is the strength H6697 of my heart, H3824 and my portion H2506 for ever.H5769

Sal 73:27 For, H3588 lo, H2009 they that are far H7369 from thee shall perish: H6 thou hast destroyed H6789 all H3605 them that go a whoring H2181 from H4480 thee.

Sal 73:28 But it is good H2896 for me H589 to draw near H7132 to God: H430 I have put H7896 my trust H4268 in the Lord H136 GOD, H3069 that I may declare H5608 all H3605 thy works.H4399

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