Salmos  Capitulo 90 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 90:1 A Prayer H8605 of Moses H4872 the man H376 of God. H430 Lord, H136 thou H859 hast been H1961 our dwelling place H4583 in all generations. H1755 H1755

Sal 90:2 Before H2962 the mountains H2022 were brought forth, H3205 or ever thou hadst formed H2342 the earth H776 and the world, H8398 even from everlasting H4480 H5769 to H5704 everlasting, H5769 thou H859 art God.H410

Sal 90:3 Thou turnest H7725 man H582 to H5704 destruction; H1793 and sayest, H559 Return, H7725 ye children H1121 of men.H120

Sal 90:4 For H3588 a thousand H505 years H8141 in thy sight H5869 are but as yesterday H3117 H865 when H3588 it is past, H5674 and as a watch H821 in the night.H3915

Sal 90:5 Thou carriest them away as with a flood; H2229 they are H1961 as a sleep: H8142 in the morning H1242 they are like grass H2682 which groweth up.H2498

Sal 90:6 In the morning H1242 it flourisheth, H6692 and groweth up; H2498 in the evening H6153 it is cut down, H4135 and withereth.H3001

Sal 90:7 For H3588 we are consumed H3615 by thine anger, H639 and by thy wrath H2534 are we troubled.H926

Sal 90:8 Thou hast set H7896 our iniquities H5771 before H5048 thee, our secret H5956 sins in the light H3974 of thy countenance.H6440

Sal 90:9 For H3588 all H3605 our days H3117 are passed away H6437 in thy wrath: H5678 we spend H3615 our years H8141 as H3644 a tale H1899 that is told.

Sal 90:10 The days H3117 of our years H8141 are threescore years and ten; H7657 H8141 and if H518 by reason of strength H1369 they be fourscore H8084 years, H8141 yet is their strength H7296 labour H5999 and sorrow; H205 for H3588 it is soon H2440 cut off, H1468 and we fly away.H5774

Sal 90:11 Who H4310 knoweth H3045 the power H5797 of thine anger? H639 even according to thy fear, H3374 so is thy wrath.H5678

Sal 90:12 So H3651 teach H3045 us to number H4487 our days, H3117 that we may apply H935 our hearts H3824 unto wisdom.H2451

Sal 90:13 Return, H7725 O LORD, H3068 how long? H5704 H4970 and let it repent H5162 thee concerning H5921 thy servants.H5650

Sal 90:14 O satisfy H7646 us early H1242 with thy mercy; H2617 that we may rejoice H7442 and be glad H8055 all H3605 our days.H3117

Sal 90:15 Make us glad H8055 according to the days H3117 wherein thou hast afflicted H6031 us, and the years H8141 wherein we have seen H7200 evil.H7451

Sal 90:16 Let thy work H6467 appear H7200 unto H413 thy servants, H5650 and thy glory H1926 unto H5921 their children.H1121

Sal 90:17 And let the beauty H5278 of the LORD H136 our God H430 be H1961 upon H5921 us: and establish H3559 thou the work H4639 of our hands H3027 upon H5921 us; yea, the work H4639 of our hands H3027 establish H3559 thou it.

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