Salmos  Capitulo 92 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 92:1 A Psalm H4210 or Song H7892 for the sabbath H7676 day. H3117 It is a good H2896 thing to give thanks H3034 unto the LORD, H3068 and to sing praises H2167 unto thy name, H8034 O most High:H5945

Sal 92:2 To shew forth H5046 thy lovingkindness H2617 in the morning, H1242 and thy faithfulness H530 every night,H3915

Sal 92:3 Upon H5921 an instrument of ten strings, H6218 and upon H5921 the psaltery; H5035 upon the harp H3658 with H5921 a solemn sound.H1902

Sal 92:4 For H3588 thou, LORD, H3068 hast made me glad H8055 through thy work: H6467 I will triumph H7442 in the works H4639 of thy hands.H3027

Sal 92:5 O LORD, H3068 how H4100 great H1431 are thy works! H4639 and thy thoughts H4284 are very H3966 deep.H6009

Sal 92:6 A brutish H1198 man H376 knoweth H3045 not; H3808 neither H3808 doth a fool H3684 understand H995 (H853) this.H2063

Sal 92:7 When the wicked H7563 spring H6524 as H3644 the grass, H6212 and when all H3605 the workers H6466 of iniquity H205 do flourish; H6692 it is that they shall be destroyed H8045 for ever: H5703 H5704

Sal 92:8 But thou, H859 LORD, H3068 art most high H4791 for evermore.H5769

Sal 92:9 For, H3588 lo, H2009 thine enemies, H341 O LORD, H3068 for, H3588 lo, H2009 thine enemies H341 shall perish; H6 all H3605 the workers H6466 of iniquity H205 shall be scattered.H6504

Sal 92:10 But my horn H7161 shalt thou exalt H7311 like the horn of an unicorn: H7214 I shall be anointed H1101 with fresh H7488 oil.H8081

Sal 92:11 Mine eye H5869 also shall see H5027 my desire on mine enemies, H7790 and mine ears H241 shall hear H8085 my desire of the wicked H7489 that rise up H6965 against H5921 me.

Sal 92:12 The righteous H6662 shall flourish H6524 like the palm tree: H8558 he shall grow H7685 like a cedar H730 in Lebanon.H3844

Sal 92:13 Those that be planted H8362 in the house H1004 of the LORD H3068 shall flourish H6524 in the courts H2691 of our God.H430

Sal 92:14 They shall still H5750 bring forth fruit H5107 in old age; H7872 they shall be H1961 fat H1879 and flourishing;H7488

Sal 92:15 To shew H5046 that H3588 the LORD H3068 is upright: H3477 he is my rock, H6697 and there is no H3808 unrighteousness H5766 in him.

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