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1Sa 9:1 Now there was H1961 a man H376 of Benjamin, H4480 H1144 whose name H8034 was Kish, H7027 the son H1121 of Abiel, H22 the son H1121 of Zeror, H6872 the son H1121 of Bechorath, H1064 the son H1121 of Aphiah, H647 a Benjamite, H1145 a mighty man H1368 of power.H2428

1Sa 9:2 And he had H1961 a son, H1121 whose name H8034 was Saul, H7586 a choice young man, H970 and a goodly: H2896 and there was not H369 among the children H4480 H1121 of Israel H3478 a goodlier H2896 person H376 than H4480 he: from his shoulders H4480 H7926 and upward H4605 he was higher H1364 than any H4480 H3605 of the people.H5971

1Sa 9:3 And the asses H860 of Kish H7027 Saul's H7586 father H1 were lost. H6 And Kish H7027 said H559 to H413 Saul H7586 his son, H1121 Take H3947 now H4994 (H853) one H259 of the servants H4480 H5288 with H854 thee, and arise, H6965 go H1980 seek H1245 (H853) the asses.H860

1Sa 9:4 And he passed through H5674 mount H2022 Ephraim, H669 and passed through H5674 the land H776 of Shalisha, H8031 but they found H4672 them not: H3808 then they passed through H5674 the land H776 of Shalim, H8171 and there they were not: H369 and he passed through H5674 the land H776 of the Benjamites, H1145 but they found H4672 them not.H3808

1Sa 9:5 And when they H1992 were come H935 to the land H776 of Zuph, H6689 Saul H7586 said H559 to his servant H5288 that H834 was with H5973 him, Come, H1980 and let us return; H7725 lest H6435 my father H1 leave H2308 caring for H4480 the asses, H860 and take thought H1672 for us.

1Sa 9:6 And he said H559 unto him, Behold H2009 now, H4994 there is in this H2063 city H5892 a man H376 of God, H430 and he is an honourable H3513 man; H376 all H3605 that H834 he saith H1696 cometh surely to pass: H935 H935 now H4994 let us go H1980 thither; H8033 peradventure H194 he can shew H5046 us(H853) our way H1870 that H834 H5921 we should go.H1980

1Sa 9:7 Then said H559 Saul H7586 to his servant, H5288 But, behold, H2009 if we go, H1980 what H4100 shall we bring H935 the man? H376 for H3588 the bread H3899 is spent H235 in our vessels, H4480 H3627 and there is not H369 a present H8670 to bring H935 to the man H376 of God: H430 what H4100 have we?

1Sa 9:8 And the servant H5288 answered H6030 (H853) Saul H7586 again, H3254 and said, H559 Behold, H2009 I have here H4672 at hand H3027 the fourth part H7253 of a shekel H8255 of silver: H3701 that will I give H5414 to the man H376 of God, H430 to tell H5046 us(H853) our way.H1870

1Sa 9:9 (Beforetime H6440 in Israel, H3478 when a man H376 went H1980 to enquire H1875 of God, H430 thus H3541 he spake, H559 Come, H1980 and let us go H1980 to H5704 the seer: H7200 for H3588 he that is now H3117 called a Prophet H5030 was beforetime H6440 called H7121 a Seer.)H7200

1Sa 9:10 Then said H559 Saul H7586 to his servant, H5288 Well H2896 said; H1697 come, H1980 let us go. H1980 So they went H1980 unto H413 the city H5892 where H834 H8033 the man H376 of God H430 was.

1Sa 9:11 And as they H1992 went up H5927 the hill H4608 to the city, H5892 they H1992 found H4672 young maidens H5291 going out H3318 to draw H7579 water, H4325 and said H559 unto them, Is H3426 the seer H7200 here?H2088

1Sa 9:12 And they answered H6030 them, and said, H559 He is; H3426 behold, H2009 he is before H6440 you: make haste H4116 now, H6258 for H3588 he came H935 to day H3117 to the city; H5892 for H3588 there is a sacrifice H2077 of the people H5971 to day H3117 in the high place:H1116

1Sa 9:13 As soon as ye be come H935 into the city, H5892 ye shall straightway H3651 find H4672 him, before H2962 he go up H5927 to the high place H1116 to eat: H398 for H3588 the people H5971 will not H3808 eat H398 until H5704 he come, H935 because H3588 he H1931 doth bless H1288 the sacrifice; H2077 and afterwards H310 H3651 they eat H398 that be bidden. H7121 Now H6258 therefore get you up; H5927 for H3588 about this time H3117 ye shall find H4672 him.

1Sa 9:14 And they went up H5927 into the city: H5892 and when they H1992 were come H935 into H8432 the city, H5892 behold, H2009 Samuel H8050 came out H3318 against H7125 them, for to go up H5927 to the high place.H1116

1Sa 9:16 To morrow H4279 about this time H6256 I will send H7971 thee a man H376 out of the land H4480 H776 of Benjamin, H1144 and thou shalt anoint H4886 him to be captain H5057 over H5921 my people H5971 Israel, H3478 that he may save H3467 (H853) my people H5971 out of the hand H4480 H3027 of the Philistines: H6430 for H3588 I have looked upon H7200 (H853) my people, H5971 because H3588 their cry H6818 is come H935 unto me.H413

1Sa 9:17 And when Samuel H8050 saw H7200 (H853) Saul, H7586 the LORD H3068 said H6030 unto him, Behold H2009 the man H376 whom H834 I spake H559 to H413 thee of! this same H2088 shall reign H6113 over my people.H5971

1Sa 9:18 Then Saul H7586 drew near H5066 to(H853) Samuel H8050 in H8432 the gate, H8179 and said, H559 Tell H5046 me, I pray thee, H4994 where H335 H2088 the seer's H7200 house H1004 is.

1Sa 9:19 And Samuel H8050 answered H6030 (H853) Saul, H7586 and said, H559 I H595 am the seer: H7200 go up H5927 before H6440 me unto the high place; H1116 for ye shall eat H398 with H5973 me to day, H3117 and to morrow H1242 I will let thee go, H7971 and will tell H5046 thee all H3605 that H834 is in thine heart.H3824

1Sa 9:20 And as for thine asses H860 that were lost H6 three H7969 days H3117 ago, H3117 set H7760 not H408 (H853) thy mind H3820 on them; for H3588 they are found. H4672 And on whom H4310 is all H3605 the desire H2532 of Israel? H3478 Is it not H3808 on thee, and on all H3605 thy father's H1 house?H1004

1Sa 9:21 And Saul H7586 answered H6030 and said, H559 Am not H3808 I H595 a Benjamite, H1145 of the smallest H4480 H6996 of the tribes H7626 of Israel? H3478 and my family H4940 the least H6810 of all H4480 H3605 the families H4940 of the tribe H7626 of Benjamin? H1144 wherefore H4100 then speakest H1696 thou so H1697 H2088 to H413 me?

1Sa 9:22 And Samuel H8050 took H3947 (H853) Saul H7586 and his servant, H5288 and brought H935 them into the parlour, H3957 and made them sit H5414 in the chiefest H7218 place H4725 among them that were bidden, H7121 which H1992 were about thirty H7970 persons.H376

1Sa 9:23 And Samuel H8050 said H559 unto the cook, H2876 Bring H5414 (H853) the portion H4490 which H834 I gave H5414 thee, of which H834 I said H559 unto H413 thee, Set H7760 it by H5973 thee.

1Sa 9:24 And the cook H2876 took up H7311 (H853) the shoulder, H7785 and that which was upon H5921 it, and set H7760 it before H6440 Saul. H7586 And Samuel said, H559 Behold H2009 that which is left! H7604 set H7760 it before H6440 thee, and eat: H398 for H3588 unto this time H4150 hath it been kept H8104 for thee since I said, H559 I have invited H7121 the people. H5971 So Saul H7586 did eat H398 with H5973 Samuel H8050 that H1931 day.H3117

1Sa 9:25 And when they were come down H3381 from the high place H4480 H1116 into the city, H5892 Samuel communed H1696 with H5973 Saul H7586 upon H5921 the top of the house.H1406

1Sa 9:26 And they arose early: H7925 and it came to pass H1961 about the spring H5927 of the day, H7837 that Samuel H8050 called H7121 H413 Saul H7586 to the top of the house, H1406 saying, H559 Up, H6965 that I may send thee away. H7971 And Saul H7586 arose, H6965 and they went out H3318 both H8147 of them, he H1931 and Samuel, H8050 abroad.H2351

1Sa 9:27 And as they H1992 were going down H3381 to the end H7097 of the city, H5892 Samuel H8050 said H559 to H413 Saul, H7586 Bid H559 the servant H5288 pass on H5674 before H6440 us, (and he passed on,) H5674 but stand thou still H5975 H859 a while, H3117 that I may shew H8085 thee(H853) the word H1697 of God.H430

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