2 Samuel  Capitulo 5 - King James with Numbers Strong

2Sa 5:1 Then came H935 all H3605 the tribes H7626 of Israel H3478 to H413 David H1732 unto Hebron, H2275 and spake, H559 saying, H559 Behold, H2009 we H587 are thy bone H6106 and thy flesh.H1320

2Sa 5:2 Also H1571 in time past, H865 H8032 when Saul H7586 was H1961 king H4428 over H5921 us, thou H859 wast H1961 he that leddest out H3318 and broughtest H935 (H853) in Israel: H3478 and the LORD H3068 said H559 to thee, Thou H859 shalt feed H7462 (H853) my people H5971 (H853) Israel, H3478 and thou H859 shalt be H1961 a captain H5057 over H5921 Israel.H3478

2Sa 5:3 So all H3605 the elders H2205 of Israel H3478 came H935 to H413 the king H4428 to Hebron; H2275 and king H4428 David H1732 made H3772 a league H1285 with them in Hebron H2275 before H6440 the LORD: H3068 and they anointed H4886 (H853) David H1732 king H4428 over H5921 Israel.H3478

2Sa 5:4 David H1732 was thirty H7970 years H8141 old H1121 when he began to reign, H4427 and he reigned H4427 forty H705 years.H8141

2Sa 5:5 In Hebron H2275 he reigned H4427 over H5921 Judah H3063 seven H7651 years H8141 and six H8337 months: H2320 and in Jerusalem H3389 he reigned H4427 thirty H7970 and three H7969 years H8141 over H5921 all H3605 Israel H3478 and Judah.H3063

2Sa 5:6 And the king H4428 and his men H376 went H1980 to Jerusalem H3389 unto H413 the Jebusites, H2983 the inhabitants H3427 of the land: H776 which spake H559 unto David, H1732 saying, H559 Except H3588 H518 thou take away H5493 the blind H5787 and the lame, H6455 thou shalt not H3808 come in H935 hither: H2008 thinking, H559 David H1732 cannot H3808 come in H935 hither.H2008

2Sa 5:7 Nevertheless David H1732 took H3920 (H853) the strong hold H4686 of Zion: H6726 the same H1931 is the city H5892 of David.H1732

2Sa 5:8 And David H1732 said H559 on that H1931 day, H3117 Whosoever H3605 getteth up H5060 to the gutter, H6794 and smiteth H5221 the Jebusites, H2983 and the lame H6455 and the blind, H5787 that are hated H8130 of David's H1732 soul, H5315 he shall be chief and captain. Wherefore H5921 H3651 they said, H559 The blind H5787 and the lame H6455 shall not H3808 come H935 into H413 the house.H1004

2Sa 5:9 So David H1732 dwelt H3427 in the fort, H4686 and called H7121 it the city H5892 of David. H1732 And David H1732 built H1129 round about H5439 from H4480 Millo H4407 and inward.H1004

2Sa 5:10 And David H1732 went on, H1980 H1980 and grew great, H1419 and the LORD H3068 God H430 of hosts H6635 was with H5973 him.

2Sa 5:11 And Hiram H2438 king H4428 of Tyre H6865 sent H7971 messengers H4397 to H413 David, H1732 and cedar H730 trees, H6086 and carpenters, H2796 H6086 and masons: H2796 H18 H7023 and they built H1129 David H1732 an house.H1004

2Sa 5:12 And David H1732 perceived H3045 that H3588 the LORD H3068 had established H3559 him king H4428 over H5921 Israel, H3478 and that H3588 he had exalted H5375 his kingdom H4467 for his people H5971 Israel's H3478 sake.H5668

2Sa 5:13 And David H1732 took H3947 him more H5750 concubines H6370 and wives H802 out of Jerusalem, H4480 H3389 after H310 he was come H935 from Hebron: H4480 H2275 and there were yet H5750 sons H1121 and daughters H1323 born H3205 to David.H1732

2Sa 5:14 And these H428 be the names H8034 of those that were born H3209 unto him in Jerusalem; H3389 Shammua, H8051 and Shobab, H7727 and Nathan, H5416 and Solomon,H8010

2Sa 5:15 Ibhar H2984 also, and Elishua, H474 and Nepheg, H5298 and Japhia,H3309

2Sa 5:16 And Elishama, H476 and Eliada, H450 and Eliphalet.H467

2Sa 5:17 But when the Philistines H6430 heard H8085 that H3588 they had anointed H4886 (H853) David H1732 king H4428 over H5921 Israel, H3478 all H3605 the Philistines H6430 came up H5927 to seek H1245 (H853) David; H1732 and David H1732 heard H8085 of it, and went down H3381 to H413 the hold.H4686

2Sa 5:18 The Philistines H6430 also came H935 and spread themselves H5203 in the valley H6010 of Rephaim.H7497

2Sa 5:19 And David H1732 enquired H7592 of the LORD, H3068 saying, H559 Shall I go up H5927 to H413 the Philistines? H6430 wilt thou deliver H5414 them into mine hand? H3027 And the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 David, H1732 Go up: H5927 for H3588 I will doubtless deliver H5414 H5414 (H853) the Philistines H6430 into thine hand.H3027

2Sa 5:20 And David H1732 came H935 to Baalperazim, H1188 and David H1732 smote H5221 them there, H8033 and said, H559 The LORD H3068 hath broken forth upon H6555 (H853) mine enemies H341 before H6440 me, as the breach H6556 of waters. H4325 Therefore H5921 H3651 he called H7121 the name H8034 of that H1931 place H4725 Baalperazim.H1188

2Sa 5:21 And there H8033 they left H5800 (H853) their images, H6091 and David H1732 and his men H376 burned H5375 them.

2Sa 5:22 And the Philistines H6430 came up H5927 yet H5750 again, H3254 and spread themselves H5203 in the valley H6010 of Rephaim.H7497

2Sa 5:23 And when David H1732 enquired H7592 of the LORD, H3068 he said, H559 Thou shalt not H3808 go up; H5927 but fetch a compass H5437 H413 behind H310 them, and come H935 upon them over against H4480 H4136 the mulberry trees.H1057

2Sa 5:24 And let it be, H1961 when thou hearest H8085 (H853) the sound H6963 of a going H6807 in the tops H7218 of the mulberry trees, H1057 that then H227 thou shalt bestir H2782 thyself: for H3588 then H227 shall the LORD H3068 go out H3318 before H6440 thee, to smite H5221 the host H4264 of the Philistines.H6430

2Sa 5:25 And David H1732 did H6213 so, H3651 as H834 the LORD H3068 had commanded H6680 him; and smote H5221 (H853) the Philistines H6430 from Geba H4480 H1387 until thou come H935 to Gazer.H1507

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