Amós  Capitulo 8 - King James with Numbers Strong

Amó 8:1 Thus H3541 hath the Lord H136 GOD H3069 shewed H7200 unto me: and behold H2009 a basket H3619 of summer fruit.H7019

Amó 8:2 And he said, H559 Amos, H5986 what H4100 seest H7200 thou? H859 And I said, H559 A basket H3619 of summer fruit. H7019 Then said H559 the LORD H3068 unto H413 me, The end H7093 is come H935 upon H413 my people H5971 of Israel; H3478 I will not H3808 again H3254 pass by H5674 them any more.H5750

Amó 8:3 And the songs H7892 of the temple H1964 shall be howlings H3213 in that H1931 day, H3117 saith H5002 the Lord H136 GOD: H3069 there shall be many H7227 dead bodies H6297 in every H3605 place; H4725 they shall cast them forth H7993 with silence.H2013

Amó 8:4 Hear H8085 this, H2063 O ye that swallow up H7602 the needy, H34 even to make the poor H6041 of the land H776 to fail,H7673

Amó 8:5 Saying, H559 When H4970 will the new moon H2320 be gone, H5674 that we may sell H7666 corn? H7668 and the sabbath, H7676 that we may set forth H6605 wheat, H1250 making the ephah small, H6994 H374 and the shekel H8255 great, H1431 and falsifying H5791 the balances H3976 by deceit?H4820

Amó 8:6 That we may buy H7069 the poor H1800 for silver, H3701 and the needy H34 for H5668 a pair of shoes; H5275 yea, and sell H7666 the refuse H4651 of the wheat?H1250

Amó 8:7 The LORD H3068 hath sworn H7650 by the excellency H1347 of Jacob, H3290 Surely H518 I will never H5331 forget H7911 any H3605 of their works.H4639

Amó 8:8 Shall not H3808 the land H776 tremble H7264 for H5921 this, H2063 and every one H3605 mourn H56 that dwelleth H3427 therein? and it shall rise up H5927 wholly H3605 as a flood; H2975 and it shall be cast out H1644 and drowned, H8257 as by the flood H2975 of Egypt.H4714

Amó 8:9 And it shall come to pass H1961 in that H1931 day, H3117 saith H5002 the Lord H136 GOD, H3069 that I will cause the sun H8121 to go down H935 at noon, H6672 and I will darken H2821 the earth H776 in the clear H216 day:H3117

Amó 8:10 And I will turn H2015 your feasts H2282 into mourning, H60 and all H3605 your songs H7892 into lamentation; H7015 and I will bring up H5927 sackcloth H8242 upon H5921 all H3605 loins, H4975 and baldness H7144 upon H5921 every H3605 head; H7218 and I will make H7760 it as the mourning H60 of an only H3173 son, and the end H319 thereof as a bitter H4751 day.H3117

Amó 8:11 Behold, H2009 the days H3117 come, H935 saith H5002 the Lord H136 GOD, H3069 that I will send H7971 a famine H7458 in the land, H776 not H3808 a famine H7458 of bread, H3899 nor H3808 a thirst H6772 for water, H4325 but H3588 H518 of hearing H8085 (H853) the words H1697 of the LORD:H3068

Amó 8:12 And they shall wander H5128 from sea H4480 H3220 to H5704 sea, H3220 and from the north H4480 H6828 even to H5704 the east, H4217 they shall run to and fro H7751 to seek H1245 (H853) the word H1697 of the LORD, H3068 and shall not H3808 find H4672 it.

Amó 8:13 In that H1931 day H3117 shall the fair H3303 virgins H1330 and young men H970 faint H5968 for thirst.H6772

Amó 8:14 They that swear H7650 by the sin H819 of Samaria, H8111 and say, H559 Thy god, H430 O Dan, H1835 liveth; H2416 and, The manner H1870 of Beersheba H884 liveth; H2416 even they shall fall, H5307 and never H3808 rise up H6965 again.H5750

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