Deuteronomio  Capitulo 10 - King James with Numbers Strong

Deu 10:1 At that H1931 time H6256 the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 me, Hew H6458 thee two H8147 tables H3871 of stone H68 like unto the first, H7223 and come up H5927 unto H413 me into the mount, H2022 and make H6213 thee an ark H727 of wood.H6086

Deu 10:2 And I will write H3789 on H5921 the tables H3871 (H853) the words H1697 that H834 were H1961 in H5921 the first H7223 tables H3871 which H834 thou brakest, H7665 and thou shalt put H7760 them in the ark.H727

Deu 10:3 And I made H6213 an ark H727 of shittim H7848 wood, H6086 and hewed H6458 two H8147 tables H3871 of stone H68 like unto the first, H7223 and went up H5927 into the mount, H2022 having the two H8147 tables H3871 in mine hand.H3027

Deu 10:4 And he wrote H3789 on H5921 the tables, H3871 according to the first H7223 writing, H4385 (H853) the ten H6235 commandments, H1697 which H834 the LORD H3068 spake H1696 unto H413 you in the mount H2022 out of the midst H4480 H8432 of the fire H784 in the day H3117 of the assembly: H6951 and the LORD H3068 gave H5414 them unto H413 me.

Deu 10:5 And I turned myself H6437 and came down H3381 from H4480 the mount, H2022 and put H7760 (H853) the tables H3871 in the ark H727 which H834 I had made; H6213 and there H8033 they be, H1961 as H834 the LORD H3068 commanded H6680 me.

Deu 10:6 And the children H1121 of Israel H3478 took their journey H5265 from Beeroth H4480 H881 of the children H1121 of Jaakan H3292 to Mosera: H4149 there H8033 Aaron H175 died, H4191 and there H8033 he was buried; H6912 and Eleazar H499 his son H1121 ministered in the priest's office H3547 in his stead.H8478

Deu 10:7 From thence H4480 H8033 they journeyed H5265 unto Gudgodah; H1412 and from H4480 Gudgodah H1412 to Jotbath, H3193 a land H776 of rivers H5158 of waters.H4325

Deu 10:8 At that H1931 time H6256 the LORD H3068 separated H914 (H853) the tribe H7626 of Levi, H3878 to bear H5375 (H853) the ark H727 of the covenant H1285 of the LORD, H3068 to stand H5975 before H6440 the LORD H3068 to minister H8334 unto him, and to bless H1288 in his name, H8034 unto H5704 this H2088 day.H3117

Deu 10:9 Wherefore H5921 H3651 Levi H3878 hath H1961 no H3808 part H2506 nor inheritance H5159 with H5973 his brethren; H251 the LORD H3068 is his inheritance, H5159 according H834 as the LORD H3068 thy God H430 promised H1696 him.

Deu 10:10 And I H595 stayed H5975 in the mount, H2022 according to the first H7223 time, H3117 forty H705 days H3117 and forty H705 nights; H3915 and the LORD H3068 hearkened H8085 unto H413 me at that H1931 time H6471 also, H1571 and the LORD H3068 would H14 not H3808 destroy H7843 thee.

Deu 10:11 And the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 me, Arise, H6965 take H1980 thy journey H4550 before H6440 the people, H5971 that they may go in H935 and possess H3423 (H853) the land, H776 which H834 I sware H7650 unto their fathers H1 to give H5414 unto them.

Deu 10:12 And now, H6258 Israel, H3478 what H4100 doth the LORD H3068 thy God H430 require H7592 of H4480 H5973 thee, but H3588 H518 to fear H3372 (H853) the LORD H3068 thy God, H430 to walk H1980 in all H3605 his ways, H1870 and to love H157 him, and to serve H5647 (H853) the LORD H3068 thy God H430 with all H3605 thy heart H3824 and with all H3605 thy soul,H5315

Deu 10:13 To keep H8104 (H853) the commandments H4687 of the LORD, H3068 and his statutes, H2708 which H834 I H595 command H6680 thee this day H3117 for thy good?H2896

Deu 10:14 Behold, H2005 the heaven H8064 and the heaven H8064 of heavens H8064 is the LORD'S H3068 thy God, H430 the earth H776 also, with all H3605 that H834 therein is.

Deu 10:15 Only H7535 the LORD H3068 had a delight H2836 in thy fathers H1 to love H157 them, and he chose H977 their seed H2233 after H310 them, even you above all H4480 H3605 people, H5971 as it is this H2088 day.H3117

Deu 10:16 Circumcise H4135 therefore(H853) the foreskin H6190 of your heart, H3824 and be no H3808 more H5750 stiffnecked. H6203 H7185

Deu 10:17 For H3588 the LORD H3068 your God H430 is God H430 of gods, H430 and Lord H113 of lords, H113 a great H1419 God, H410 a mighty, H1368 and a terrible, H3372 which H834 regardeth H5375 not H3808 persons, H6440 nor H3808 taketh H3947 reward:H7810

Deu 10:18 He doth execute H6213 the judgment H4941 of the fatherless H3490 and widow, H490 and loveth H157 the stranger, H1616 in giving H5414 him food H3899 and raiment.H8071

Deu 10:19 Love H157 ye therefore(H853) the stranger: H1616 for H3588 ye were H1961 strangers H1616 in the land H776 of Egypt.H4714

Deu 10:20 Thou shalt fear H3372 (H853) the LORD H3068 thy God; H430 him shalt thou serve, H5647 and to him shalt thou cleave, H1692 and swear H7650 by his name.H8034

Deu 10:21 He H1931 is thy praise, H8416 and he H1931 is thy God, H430 that H834 hath done H6213 for H854 thee(H853) these H428 great H1419 and terrible things, H3372 which H834 thine eyes H5869 have seen.H7200

Deu 10:22 Thy fathers H1 went down H3381 into Egypt H4714 with threescore and ten H7657 persons; H5315 and now H6258 the LORD H3068 thy God H430 hath made H7760 thee as the stars H3556 of heaven H8064 for multitude.H7230

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