Génesis  Capitulo 16 - King James with Numbers Strong

Gén 16:1 Now Sarai H8297 Abram's H87 wife H802 bare him no children: H3205 H3808 and she had an handmaid, H8198 an Egyptian, H4713 whose name H8034 was Hagar.H1904

Gén 16:2 And Sarai H8297 said H559 unto H413 Abram, H87 Behold H2009 now, H4994 the LORD H3068 hath restrained H6113 me from bearing: H4480 H3205 I pray thee, H4994 go in H935 unto H413 my maid; H8198 it may be H194 that I may obtain children H1129 by H4480 her. And Abram H87 hearkened H8085 to the voice H6963 of Sarai.H8297

Gén 16:3 And Sarai H8297 Abram's H87 wife H802 took H3947 (H853) Hagar H1904 her maid H8198 the Egyptian, H4713 after H4480 H7093 Abram H87 had dwelt H3427 ten H6235 years H8141 in the land H776 of Canaan, H3667 and gave H5414 her to her husband H376 Abram H87 to be his wife.H802

Gén 16:4 And he went in H935 unto H413 Hagar, H1904 and she conceived: H2029 and when she saw H7200 that H3588 she had conceived, H2029 her mistress H1404 was despised H7043 in her eyes.H5869

Gén 16:5 And Sarai H8297 said H559 unto H413 Abram, H87 My wrong H2555 be upon H5921 thee: I H595 have given H5414 my maid H8198 into thy bosom; H2436 and when she saw H7200 that H3588 she had conceived, H2029 I was despised H7043 in her eyes: H5869 the LORD H3068 judge H8199 between H996 me and thee.

Gén 16:6 But Abram H87 said H559 unto H413 Sarai, H8297 Behold, H2009 thy maid H8198 is in thy hand; H3027 do H6213 to her as it pleaseth H2896 H5869 thee. And when Sarai H8297 dealt hardly H6031 with her, she fled H1272 from her face. H4480 H6440

Gén 16:7 And the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 found H4672 her by H5921 a fountain H5869 of water H4325 in the wilderness, H4057 by H5921 the fountain H5869 in the way H1870 to Shur.H7793

Gén 16:8 And he said, H559 Hagar, H1904 Sarai's H8297 maid, H8198 whence H335 H4480 H2088 camest H935 thou? and whither H575 wilt thou go? H1980 And she said, H559 I H595 flee H1272 from the face H4480 H6440 of my mistress H1404 Sarai.H8297

Gén 16:9 And the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 said H559 unto her, Return H7725 to H413 thy mistress, H1404 and submit thyself H6031 under H8478 her hands.H3027

Gén 16:10 And the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 said H559 unto her, I will multiply thy seed exceedingly, H7235 H7235 (H853) H2233 that it shall not H3808 be numbered H5608 for multitude. H4480 H7230

Gén 16:11 And the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 said H559 unto her, Behold, H2009 thou art with child, H2030 and shalt bear H3205 a son, H1121 and shalt call H7121 his name H8034 Ishmael; H3458 because H3588 the LORD H3068 hath heard H8085 H413 thy affliction.H6040

Gén 16:12 And he H1931 will be H1961 a wild H6501 man; H120 his hand H3027 will be against every man, H3605 and every man's H3605 hand H3027 against him; and he shall dwell H7931 in the presence H5921 H6440 of all H3605 his brethren.H251

Gén 16:13 And she called H7121 the name H8034 of the LORD H3068 that spake H1696 unto H413 her, Thou H859 God H410 seest H7210 me: for H3588 she said, H559 Have I also H1571 here H1988 looked H7200 after H310 him that seeth H7200 me?

Gén 16:14 Wherefore H5921 H3651 the well H875 was called H7121 Beerlahairoi; H883 behold, H2009 it is between H996 Kadesh H6946 and Bered.H1260

Gén 16:15 And Hagar H1904 bare H3205 Abram H87 a son: H1121 and Abram H87 called H7121 his son's H1121 name, H8034 which H834 Hagar H1904 bare, H3205 Ishmael.H3458

Gén 16:16 And Abram H87 was fourscore H8084 and six H8337 years H8141 old, H1121 when Hagar H1904 bare H3205 (H853) Ishmael H3458 to Abram.H87

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