Isaías  Capitulo 8 - King James with Numbers Strong

Isa 8:1 Moreover the LORD H3068 said H559 unto H413 me, Take H3947 thee a great H1419 roll, H1549 and write H3789 in H5921 it with a man's H582 pen H2747 concerning Mahershalalhashbaz.H4122

Isa 8:2 And I took unto me faithful H539 witnesses H5707 to record, H5749 (H853) Uriah H223 the priest, H3548 and Zechariah H2148 the son H1121 of Jeberechiah.H3000

Isa 8:3 And I went H7126 unto H413 the prophetess; H5031 and she conceived, H2029 and bare H3205 a son. H1121 Then said H559 the LORD H3068 to H413 me, Call H7121 his name H8034 Mahershalalhashbaz.H4122

Isa 8:4 For H3588 before H2962 the child H5288 shall have knowledge H3045 to cry, H7121 My father, H1 and my mother, H517 (H853) the riches H2428 of Damascus H1834 and the spoil H7998 of Samaria H8111 shall be taken away H5375 before H6440 the king H4428 of Assyria.H804

Isa 8:5 The LORD H3068 spake H1696 also unto H413 me again, H3254 saying,H559

Isa 8:6 Forasmuch H3282 H3588 as this H2088 people H5971 refuseth H3988 (H853) the waters H4325 of Shiloah H7975 that go H1980 softly, H328 and rejoice in H4885 (H853) Rezin H7526 and Remaliah's H7425 son;H1121

Isa 8:7 Now therefore, H3651 behold, H2009 the Lord H136 bringeth up H5927 upon H5921 them(H853) the waters H4325 of the river, H5104 strong H6099 and many, H7227 even(H853) the king H4428 of Assyria, H804 and all H3605 his glory: H3519 and he shall come up H5927 over H5921 all H3605 his channels, H650 and go H1980 over H5921 all H3605 his banks:H1415

Isa 8:8 And he shall pass H2498 through Judah; H3063 he shall overflow H7857 and go over, H5674 he shall reach H5060 even to H5704 the neck; H6677 and the stretching out H4298 of his wings H3671 shall fill H4393 the breadth H7341 of thy land, H776 O Immanuel.H6005

Isa 8:9 Associate H7489 yourselves, O ye people, H5971 and ye shall be broken H2844 in pieces; and give ear, H238 all H3605 ye of far H4801 countries: H776 gird yourselves, H247 and ye shall be broken H2844 in pieces; gird yourselves, H247 and ye shall be broken H2844 in pieces.

Isa 8:10 Take counsel together, H5779 H6098 and it shall come to nought; H6565 speak H1696 the word, H1697 and it shall not H3808 stand: H6965 for H3588 God H410 is with us.H5973

Isa 8:11 For H3588 the LORD H3068 spake H559 thus H3541 to H413 me with a strong H2393 hand, H3027 and instructed H3256 me that I should not walk H4480 H1980 in the way H1870 of this H2088 people, H5971 saying,H559

Isa 8:12 Say H559 ye not, H3808 A confederacy, H7195 to all H3605 them to whom H834 this H2088 people H5971 shall say, H559 A confederacy; H7195 neither H3808 fear H3372 ye their fear, H4172 nor H3808 be afraid.H6206

Isa 8:13 Sanctify H6942 (H853) the LORD H3068 of hosts H6635 himself; and let him H1931 be your fear, H4172 and let him H1931 be your dread.H6206

Isa 8:14 And he shall be H1961 for a sanctuary; H4720 but for a stone H68 of stumbling H5063 and for a rock H6697 of offence H4383 to both H8147 the houses H1004 of Israel, H3478 for a gin H6341 and for a snare H4170 to the inhabitants H3427 of Jerusalem.H3389

Isa 8:15 And many H7227 among them shall stumble, H3782 and fall, H5307 and be broken, H7665 and be snared, H3369 and be taken.H3920

Isa 8:16 Bind up H6887 the testimony, H8584 seal H2856 the law H8451 among my disciples.H3928

Isa 8:17 And I will wait H2442 upon the LORD, H3068 that hideth H5641 his face H6440 from the house H4480 H1004 of Jacob, H3290 and I will look H6960 for him.

Isa 8:18 Behold, H2009 I H595 and the children H3206 whom H834 the LORD H3068 hath given H5414 me are for signs H226 and for wonders H4159 in Israel H3478 from H4480 H5973 the LORD H3068 of hosts, H6635 which dwelleth H7931 in mount H2022 Zion.H6726

Isa 8:19 And when H3588 they shall say H559 unto H413 you, Seek H1875 unto H413 them that have familiar spirits, H178 and unto H413 wizards H3049 that peep, H6850 and that mutter: H1897 should not H3808 a people H5971 seek H1875 unto H413 their God? H430 for H1157 the living H2416 to H413 the dead?H4191

Isa 8:20 To the law H8451 and to the testimony: H8584 if H518 they speak H559 not H3808 according to this H2088 word, H1697 it is because H834 there is no H369 light H7837 in them.

Isa 8:21 And they shall pass H5674 through it, hardly bestead H7185 and hungry: H745 and it shall come to pass, H1961 that when H3588 they shall be hungry, H7456 they shall fret themselves, H7107 and curse H7043 their king H4428 and their God, H430 and look H6437 upward.H4605

Isa 8:22 And they shall look H5027 unto H413 the earth; H776 and behold H2009 trouble H6869 and darkness, H2825 dimness H4588 of anguish; H6695 and they shall be driven H5080 to darkness.H653

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