Job  Capitulo 11 - King James with Numbers Strong

Job 11:1 Then answered H6030 Zophar H6691 the Naamathite, H5284 and said,H559

Job 11:2 Should not H3808 the multitude H7230 of words H1697 be answered? H6030 and should H518 a man H376 full of talk H8193 be justified?H6663

Job 11:3 Should thy lies H907 make men H4962 hold their peace? H2790 and when thou mockest, H3932 shall no H369 man make thee ashamed?H3637

Job 11:4 For thou hast said, H559 My doctrine H3948 is pure, H2134 and I am H1961 clean H1249 in thine eyes.H5869

Job 11:5 But H199 oh that H4310 God H433 would H5414 speak, H1696 and open H6605 his lips H8193 against H5973 thee;

Job 11:6 And that he would shew H5046 thee the secrets H8587 of wisdom, H2451 that H3588 they are double H3718 to that which is! H8454 Know H3045 therefore that H3588 God H433 exacteth H5382 of thee less than thine iniquity H4480 H5771 deserveth.

Job 11:7 Canst thou by searching H2714 find out H4672 God? H433 canst thou find out H4672 the Almighty H7706 unto H5704 perfection?H8503

Job 11:8 It is as high H1363 as heaven; H8064 what H4100 canst thou do? H6466 deeper H6013 than hell; H4480 H7585 what H4100 canst thou know?H3045

Job 11:9 The measure H4055 thereof is longer H752 than the earth, H4480 H776 and broader H7342 than H4480 the sea.H3220

Job 11:10 If H518 he cut off, H2498 and shut up, H5462 or gather together, H6950 then who H4310 can hinder H7725 him?

Job 11:11 For H3588 he H1931 knoweth H3045 vain H7723 men: H4962 he seeth H7200 wickedness H205 also; will he not H3808 then consider H995 it?

Job 11:12 For vain H5014 man H376 would be wise, H3823 though man H120 be born H3205 like a wild ass's H6501 colt.H5895

Job 11:13 If H518 thou H859 prepare H3559 thine heart, H3820 and stretch out H6566 thine hands H3709 toward H413 him;

Job 11:14 If H518 iniquity H205 be in thine hand, H3027 put it far away, H7368 and let not H408 wickedness H5766 dwell H7931 in thy tabernacles.H168

Job 11:15 For H3588 then H227 shalt thou lift up H5375 thy face H6440 without spot; H4480 H3971 yea, thou shalt be H1961 stedfast, H3332 and shalt not H3808 fear:H3372

Job 11:16 Because H3588 thou H859 shalt forget H7911 thy misery, H5999 and remember H2142 it as waters H4325 that pass away:H5674

Job 11:17 And thine age H2465 shall be clearer H6965 than the noonday; H4480 H6672 thou shalt shine forth, H5774 thou shalt be H1961 as the morning.H1242

Job 11:18 And thou shalt be secure, H982 because H3588 there H3426 is hope; H8615 yea, thou shalt dig H2658 about thee, and thou shalt take thy rest H7901 in safety.H983

Job 11:19 Also thou shalt lie down, H7257 and none H369 shall make thee afraid; H2729 yea, many H7227 shall make suit H2470 unto H6440 thee.

Job 11:20 But the eyes H5869 of the wicked H7563 shall fail, H3615 and they shall not escape, H4498 H6 H4480 and their hope H8615 shall be as the giving up H4646 of the ghost.H5315

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