Job  Capitulo 14 - King James with Numbers Strong

Job 14:1 Man H120 that is born H3205 of a woman H802 is of few H7116 days, H3117 and full H7649 of trouble.H7267

Job 14:2 He cometh forth H3318 like a flower, H6731 and is cut down: H5243 he fleeth H1272 also as a shadow, H6738 and continueth H5975 not.H3808

Job 14:3 And H637 dost thou open H6491 thine eyes H5869 upon H5921 such an one, H2088 and bringest H935 me into judgment H4941 with H5973 thee?

Job 14:4 Who H4310 can bring H5414 a clean H2889 thing out of an unclean? H4480 H2931 not H3808 one.H259

Job 14:5 Seeing H518 his days H3117 are determined, H2782 the number H4557 of his months H2320 are with H854 thee, thou hast appointed H6213 his bounds H2706 that he cannot H3808 pass;H5674

Job 14:6 Turn H8159 from H4480 H5921 him, that he may rest, H2308 till H5704 he shall accomplish, H7521 as an hireling, H7916 his day.H3117

Job 14:7 For H3588 there is H3426 hope H8615 of a tree, H6086 if H518 it be cut down, H3772 that it will sprout H2498 again, H5750 and that the tender H3127 branch thereof will not H3808 cease.H2308

Job 14:8 Though H518 the root H8328 thereof wax old H2204 in the earth, H776 and the stock H1503 thereof die H4191 in the ground;H6083

Job 14:9 Yet through the scent H4480 H7381 of water H4325 it will bud, H6524 and bring forth H6213 boughs H7105 like H3644 a plant.H5194

Job 14:10 But man H1397 dieth, H4191 and wasteth away: H2522 yea, man H120 giveth up the ghost, H1478 and where H346 is he?

Job 14:11 As the waters H4325 fail H235 from H4480 the sea, H3220 and the flood H5104 decayeth H2717 and drieth up:H3001

Job 14:12 So man H376 lieth down, H7901 and riseth H6965 not: H3808 till H5704 the heavens H8064 be no more, H1115 they shall not H3808 awake, H6974 nor H3808 be raised H5782 out of their sleep. H4480 H8142

Job 14:13 O that H4310 thou wouldest H5414 hide H6845 me in the grave, H7585 that thou wouldest keep me secret, H5641 until H5704 thy wrath H639 be past, H7725 that thou wouldest appoint H7896 me a set time, H2706 and remember H2142 me!

Job 14:14 If H518 a man H1397 die, H4191 shall he live H2421 again? all H3605 the days H3117 of my appointed time H6635 will I wait, H3176 till H5704 my change H2487 come.H935

Job 14:15 Thou shalt call, H7121 and I H595 will answer H6030 thee: thou wilt have a desire H3700 to the work H4639 of thine hands.H3027

Job 14:16 For H3588 now H6258 thou numberest H5608 my steps: H6806 dost thou not H3808 watch H8104 over H5921 my sin?H2403

Job 14:17 My transgression H6588 is sealed up H2856 in a bag, H6872 and thou sewest up H2950 H5921 mine iniquity.H5771

Job 14:18 And surely H199 the mountain H2022 falling H5307 cometh to nought, H5034 and the rock H6697 is removed H6275 out of his place. H4480 H4725

Job 14:19 The waters H4325 wear H7833 the stones: H68 thou washest away H7857 the things which grow H5599 out of the dust H6083 of the earth; H776 and thou destroyest H6 the hope H8615 of man.H582

Job 14:20 Thou prevailest H8630 for ever H5331 against him, and he passeth: H1980 thou changest H8138 his countenance, H6440 and sendest him away.H7971

Job 14:21 His sons H1121 come to honour, H3513 and he knoweth H3045 it not; H3808 and they are brought low, H6819 but he perceiveth H995 it not H3808 of them.H3926

Job 14:22 But H389 his flesh H1320 upon H5921 him shall have pain, H3510 and his soul H5315 within H5921 him shall mourn.H56

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