Miqueas  Capitulo 5 - King James with Numbers Strong

Miq 5:1 Now H6258 gather thyself in troops, H1413 O daughter H1323 of troops: H1416 he hath laid H7760 siege H4692 against H5921 us: they shall smite H5221 (H853) the judge H8199 of Israel H3478 with a rod H7626 upon H5921 the cheek.H3895

Miq 5:2 But thou, H859 Bethlehem H1035 Ephratah, H672 though thou be H1961 little H6810 among the thousands H505 of Judah, H3063 yet out of H4480 thee shall he come forth H3318 unto me that is to be H1961 ruler H4910 in Israel; H3478 whose goings forth H4163 have been from of old, H4480 H6924 from everlasting. H4480 H3117 H5769

Miq 5:3 Therefore H3651 will he give them up, H5414 until H5704 the time H6256 that she which travaileth H3205 hath brought forth: H3205 then the remnant H3499 of his brethren H251 shall return H7725 unto H5921 the children H1121 of Israel.H3478

Miq 5:4 And he shall stand H5975 and feed H7462 in the strength H5797 of the LORD, H3068 in the majesty H1347 of the name H8034 of the LORD H3068 his God; H430 and they shall abide: H3427 for H3588 now H6258 shall he be great H1431 unto H5704 the ends H657 of the earth.H776

Miq 5:5 And this H2088 man shall be H1961 the peace, H7965 when H3588 the Assyrian H804 shall come H935 into our land: H776 and when H3588 he shall tread H1869 in our palaces, H759 then shall we raise H6965 against H5921 him seven H7651 shepherds, H7462 and eight H8083 principal H5257 men.H120

Miq 5:6 And they shall waste H7489 (H853) the land H776 of Assyria H804 with the sword, H2719 and the land H776 of Nimrod H5248 in the entrances H6607 thereof: thus shall he deliver H5337 us from H4480 the Assyrian, H804 when H3588 he cometh H935 into our land, H776 and when H3588 he treadeth H1869 within our borders.H1366

Miq 5:7 And the remnant H7611 of Jacob H3290 shall be H1961 in the midst H7130 of many H7227 people H5971 as a dew H2919 from H4480 H854 the LORD, H3068 as the showers H7241 upon H5921 the grass, H6212 that H834 tarrieth H6960 not H3808 for man, H376 nor H3808 waiteth H3176 for the sons H1121 of men.H120

Miq 5:8 And the remnant H7611 of Jacob H3290 shall be H1961 among the Gentiles H1471 in the midst H7130 of many H7227 people H5971 as a lion H738 among the beasts H929 of the forest, H3293 as a young lion H3715 among the flocks H5739 of sheep: H6629 who, H834 if H518 he go through, H5674 both treadeth down, H7429 and teareth in pieces, H2963 and none H369 can deliver.H5337

Miq 5:9 Thine hand H3027 shall be lifted up H7311 upon H5921 thine adversaries, H6862 and all H3605 thine enemies H341 shall be cut off.H3772

Miq 5:10 And it shall come to pass H1961 in that H1931 day, H3117 saith H5002 the LORD, H3068 that I will cut off H3772 thy horses H5483 out of the midst H4480 H7130 of thee, and I will destroy H6 thy chariots:H4818

Miq 5:11 And I will cut off H3772 the cities H5892 of thy land, H776 and throw down H2040 all H3605 thy strong holds:H4013

Miq 5:12 And I will cut off H3772 witchcrafts H3785 out of thine hand; H4480 H3027 and thou shalt have H1961 no H3808 more soothsayers:H6049

Miq 5:13 Thy graven images H6456 also will I cut off, H3772 and thy standing images H4676 out of the midst H4480 H7130 of thee; and thou shalt no H3808 more H5750 worship H7812 the work H4639 of thine hands.H3027

Miq 5:14 And I will pluck up H5428 thy groves H842 out of the midst H4480 H7130 of thee: so will I destroy H8045 thy cities.H5892

Miq 5:15 And I will execute H6213 vengeance H5359 in anger H639 and fury H2534 upon(H853) the heathen, H1471 such as H834 they have not H3808 heard.H8085

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