Oseas  Capitulo 2 - King James with Numbers Strong

Ose 2:1 Say H559 ye unto your brethren, H251 Ammi; H5971 and to your sisters, H269 Ruhamah.H7355

Ose 2:2 Plead H7378 with your mother, H517 plead: H7378 for H3588 she H1931 is not H3808 my wife, H802 neither H3808 am I H595 her husband: H376 let her therefore put away H5493 her whoredoms H2183 out of her sight, H4480 H6440 and her adulteries H5005 from between H4480 H996 her breasts;H7699

Ose 2:3 Lest H6435 I strip H6584 her naked, H6174 and set H3322 her as in the day H3117 that she was born, H3205 and make H7760 her as a wilderness, H4057 and set H7896 her like a dry H6723 land, H776 and slay H4191 her with thirst.H6772

Ose 2:4 And I will not H3808 have mercy upon H7355 her children; H1121 for H3588 they H1992 be the children H1121 of whoredoms.H2183

Ose 2:5 For H3588 their mother H517 hath played the harlot: H2181 she that conceived H2029 them hath done shamefully: H954 for H3588 she said, H559 I will go H1980 after H310 my lovers, H157 that give H5414 me my bread H3899 and my water, H4325 my wool H6785 and my flax, H6593 mine oil H8081 and my drink.H8250

Ose 2:6 Therefore, H3651 behold, H2009 I will hedge up H7753 (H853) thy way H1870 with thorns, H5518 and make H1443 (H853) a wall, H1447 that she shall not H3808 find H4672 her paths.H5410

Ose 2:7 And she shall follow after H7291 (H853) her lovers, H157 but she shall not H3808 overtake H5381 them; and she shall seek H1245 them, but shall not H3808 find H4672 them: then shall she say, H559 I will go H1980 and return H7725 to H413 my first H7223 husband; H376 for H3588 then H227 was it better H2896 with me than now. H4480 H6258

Ose 2:8 For she H1931 did not H3808 know H3045 that H3588 I H595 gave H5414 her corn, H1715 and wine, H8492 and oil, H3323 and multiplied H7235 her silver H3701 and gold, H2091 which they prepared H6213 for Baal.H1168

Ose 2:9 Therefore H3651 will I return, H7725 and take away H3947 my corn H1715 in the time H6256 thereof, and my wine H8492 in the season H4150 thereof, and will recover H5337 my wool H6785 and my flax H6593 given to cover H3680 (H853) her nakedness.H6172

Ose 2:10 And now H6258 will I discover H1540 (H853) her lewdness H5040 in the sight H5869 of her lovers, H157 and none H3808 H376 shall deliver H5337 her out of mine hand. H4480 H3027

Ose 2:11 I will also cause all H3605 her mirth H4885 to cease, H7673 her feast days, H2282 her new moons, H2320 and her sabbaths, H7676 and all H3605 her solemn feasts.H4150

Ose 2:12 And I will destroy H8074 her vines H1612 and her fig trees, H8384 whereof H834 she hath said, H559 These H1992 are my rewards H866 that H834 my lovers H157 have given H5414 me: and I will make H7760 them a forest, H3293 and the beasts H2416 of the field H7704 shall eat H398 them.

Ose 2:13 And I will visit H6485 upon H5921 her(H853) the days H3117 of Baalim, H1168 wherein H834 she burned incense H6999 to them, and she decked H5710 herself with her earrings H5141 and her jewels, H2484 and she went H1980 after H310 her lovers, H157 and forgat H7911 me, saith H5002 the LORD.H3068

Ose 2:14 Therefore, H3651 behold, H2009 I H595 will allure H6601 her, and bring H1980 her into the wilderness, H4057 and speak H1696 comfortably H5921 H3820 unto her.

Ose 2:15 And I will give H5414 her(H853) her vineyards H3754 from thence, H4480 H8033 and the valley H6010 of Achor H5911 for a door H6607 of hope: H8615 and she shall sing H6030 there, H8033 as in the days H3117 of her youth, H5271 and as in the day H3117 when she came up H5927 out of the land H4480 H776 of Egypt.H4714

Ose 2:16 And it shall be H1961 at that H1931 day, H3117 saith H5002 the LORD, H3068 that thou shalt call H7121 me Ishi; H376 and shalt call H7121 me no H3808 more H5750 Baali.H1180

Ose 2:17 For I will take away H5493 (H853) the names H8034 of Baalim H1168 out of her mouth, H4480 H6310 and they shall no H3808 more H5750 be remembered H2142 by their name.H8034

Ose 2:18 And in that H1931 day H3117 will I make H3772 a covenant H1285 for them with H5973 the beasts H2416 of the field, H7704 and with H5973 the fowls H5775 of heaven, H8064 and with the creeping things H7431 of the ground: H127 and I will break H7665 the bow H7198 and the sword H2719 and the battle H4421 out of H4480 the earth, H776 and will make them to lie down H7901 safely.H983

Ose 2:19 And I will betroth H781 thee unto me for ever; H5769 yea, I will betroth H781 thee unto me in righteousness, H6664 and in judgment, H4941 and in lovingkindness, H2617 and in mercies.H7356

Ose 2:20 I will even betroth H781 thee unto me in faithfulness: H530 and thou shalt know H3045 (H853) the LORD.H3068

Ose 2:21 And it shall come to pass H1961 in that H1931 day, H3117 I will hear, H6030 saith H5002 the LORD, H3068 I will hear H6030 (H853) the heavens, H8064 and they H1992 shall hear H6030 (H853) the earth;H776

Ose 2:22 And the earth H776 shall hear H6030 (H853) the corn, H1715 and the wine, H8492 and the oil; H3323 and they H1992 shall hear H6030 (H853) Jezreel.H3157

Ose 2:23 And I will sow H2232 her unto me in the earth; H776 and I will have mercy upon H7355 (H853) her that had not H3808 obtained mercy; H7355 and I will say H559 to them which were not H3808 my people, H5971 Thou H859 art my people; H5971 and they H1931 shall say, H559 Thou art my God.H430

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