Salmos  Capitulo 22 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 22:1 To the chief Musician H5329 upon H5921 Aijeleth H365 Shahar, H7837 A Psalm H4210 of David. H1732 My God, H410 my God, H410 why H4100 hast thou forsaken H5800 me? why art thou so far H7350 from helping H4480 H3444 me, and from the words H1697 of my roaring?H7581

Sal 22:2 O my God, H430 I cry H7121 in the daytime, H3119 but thou hearest H6030 not; H3808 and in the night season, H3915 and am not H3808 silent.H1747

Sal 22:3 But thou H859 art holy, H6918 O thou that inhabitest H3427 the praises H8416 of Israel.H3478

Sal 22:4 Our fathers H1 trusted H982 in thee: they trusted, H982 and thou didst deliver H6403 them.

Sal 22:5 They cried H2199 unto H413 thee, and were delivered: H4422 they trusted H982 in thee, and were not H3808 confounded.H954

Sal 22:6 But I H595 am a worm, H8438 and no H3808 man; H376 a reproach H2781 of men, H120 and despised H959 of the people.H5971

Sal 22:7 All H3605 they that see H7200 me laugh H3932 me to scorn: they shoot out H6362 the lip, H8193 they shake H5128 the head, H7218 saying,

Sal 22:8 He trusted H1556 on H413 the LORD H3068 that he would deliver H6403 him: let him deliver H5337 him, seeing H3588 he delighted H2654 in him.

Sal 22:9 But H3588 thou H859 art he that took H1518 me out of the womb: H4480 H990 thou didst make me hope H982 when I was upon H5921 my mother's H517 breasts.H7699

Sal 22:10 I was cast H7993 upon H5921 thee from the womb: H4480 H7358 thou H859 art my God H410 from my mother's H517 belly. H4480 H990

Sal 22:11 Be not H408 far H7368 from H4480 me; for H3588 trouble H6869 is near; H7138 for H3588 there is none H369 to help.H5826

Sal 22:12 Many H7227 bulls H6499 have compassed H5437 me: strong H47 bulls of Bashan H1316 have beset me round.H3803

Sal 22:13 They gaped H6475 upon H5921 me with their mouths, H6310 as a ravening H2963 and a roaring H7580 lion.H738

Sal 22:14 I am poured out H8210 like water, H4325 and all H3605 my bones H6106 are out of joint: H6504 my heart H3820 is H1961 like wax; H1749 it is melted H4549 in the midst H8432 of my bowels.H4578

Sal 22:15 My strength H3581 is dried up H3001 like a potsherd; H2789 and my tongue H3956 cleaveth H1692 to my jaws; H4455 and thou hast brought H8239 me into the dust H6083 of death.H4194

Sal 22:16 For H3588 dogs H3611 have compassed H5437 me: the assembly H5712 of the wicked H7489 have inclosed H5362 me: they pierced H738 my hands H3027 and my feet.H7272

Sal 22:18 They part H2505 my garments H899 among them, and cast H5307 lots H1486 upon H5921 my vesture.H3830

Sal 22:19 But be not H408 thou H859 far H7368 from me, O LORD: H3068 O my strength, H360 haste H2363 thee to help H5833 me.

Sal 22:20 Deliver H5337 my soul H5315 from the sword; H4480 H2719 my darling H3173 from the power H4480 H3027 of the dog.H3611

Sal 22:21 Save H3467 me from the lion's H738 mouth: H4480 H6310 for thou hast heard H6030 me from the horns H4480 H7161 of the unicorns.H7214

Sal 22:22 I will declare H5608 thy name H8034 unto my brethren: H251 in the midst H8432 of the congregation H6951 will I praise H1984 thee.

Sal 22:23 Ye that fear H3373 the LORD, H3068 praise H1984 him; all H3605 ye the seed H2233 of Jacob, H3290 glorify H3513 him; and fear H1481 H4480 him, all H3605 ye the seed H2233 of Israel.H3478

Sal 22:24 For H3588 he hath not H3808 despised H959 nor H3808 abhorred H8262 the affliction H6039 of the afflicted; H6041 neither H3808 hath he hid H5641 his face H6440 from H4480 him; but when he cried H7768 unto H413 him, he heard.H8085

Sal 22:25 My praise H8416 shall be of H4480 H854 thee in the great H7227 congregation: H6951 I will pay H7999 my vows H5088 before H5048 them that fear H3373 him.

Sal 22:26 The meek H6035 shall eat H398 and be satisfied: H7646 they shall praise H1984 the LORD H3068 that seek H1875 him: your heart H3824 shall live H2421 for ever.H5703

Sal 22:27 All H3605 the ends H657 of the world H776 shall remember H2142 and turn H7725 unto H413 the LORD: H3068 and all H3605 the kindreds H4940 of the nations H1471 shall worship H7812 before H6440 thee.

Sal 22:28 For H3588 the kingdom H4410 is the LORD'S: H3068 and he is the governor H4910 among the nations.H1471

Sal 22:29 All H3605 they that be fat H1879 upon earth H776 shall eat H398 and worship: H7812 all H3605 they that go down H3381 to the dust H6083 shall bow H3766 before H6440 him: and none H3808 can keep alive H2421 his own soul.H5315

Sal 22:30 A seed H2233 shall serve H5647 him; it shall be accounted H5608 to the Lord H136 for a generation.H1755

Sal 22:31 They shall come, H935 and shall declare H5046 his righteousness H6666 unto a people H5971 that shall be born, H3205 that H3588 he hath done H6213 this.

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