Salmos  Capitulo 36 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 36:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 A Psalm of David H1732 the servant H5650 of the LORD. H3068 The transgression H6588 of the wicked H7563 saith H5002 within H7130 my heart, H3820 that there is no H369 fear H6343 of God H430 before H5048 his eyes.H5869

Sal 36:2 For H3588 he flattereth H2505 H413 himself in his own eyes, H5869 until his iniquity H5771 be found H4672 to be hateful.H8130

Sal 36:3 The words H1697 of his mouth H6310 are iniquity H205 and deceit: H4820 he hath left off H2308 to be wise, H7919 and to do good.H3190

Sal 36:4 He deviseth H2803 mischief H205 upon H5921 his bed; H4904 he setteth himself H3320 in H5921 a way H1870 that is not H3808 good; H2896 he abhorreth H3988 not H3808 evil.H7451

Sal 36:5 Thy mercy, H2617 O LORD, H3068 is in the heavens; H8064 and thy faithfulness H530 reacheth unto H5704 the clouds.H7834

Sal 36:6 Thy righteousness H6666 is like the great H410 mountains; H2042 thy judgments H4941 are a great H7227 deep: H8415 O LORD, H3068 thou preservest H3467 man H120 and beast.H929

Sal 36:7 How H4100 excellent H3368 is thy lovingkindness, H2617 O God! H430 therefore the children H1121 of men H120 put their trust H2620 under the shadow H6738 of thy wings.H3671

Sal 36:8 They shall be abundantly satisfied H7301 with the fatness H4480 H1880 of thy house; H1004 and thou shalt make them drink H8248 of the river H5158 of thy pleasures.H5730

Sal 36:9 For H3588 with H5973 thee is the fountain H4726 of life: H2416 in thy light H216 shall we see H7200 light.H216

Sal 36:10 O continue H4900 thy lovingkindness H2617 unto them that know H3045 thee; and thy righteousness H6666 to the upright H3477 in heart.H3820

Sal 36:11 Let not H408 the foot H7272 of pride H1346 come against H935 me, and let not H408 the hand H3027 of the wicked H7563 remove H5110 me.

Sal 36:12 There H8033 are the workers H6466 of iniquity H205 fallen: H5307 they are cast down, H1760 and shall not H3808 be able H3201 to rise.H6965

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