Salmos  Capitulo 50 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 50:1 A Psalm H4210 of Asaph. H623 The mighty H410 God, H430 even the LORD, H3068 hath spoken, H1696 and called H7121 the earth H776 from the rising H4480 H4217 of the sun H8121 unto H5704 the going down H3996 thereof.

Sal 50:2 Out of Zion, H4480 H6726 the perfection H4359 of beauty, H3308 God H430 hath shined.H3313

Sal 50:3 Our God H430 shall come, H935 and shall not H408 keep silence: H2790 a fire H784 shall devour H398 before H6440 him, and it shall be very H3966 tempestuous H8175 round about H5439 him.

Sal 50:4 He shall call H7121 to H413 the heavens H8064 from above, H4480 H5920 and to H413 the earth, H776 that he may judge H1777 his people.H5971

Sal 50:5 Gather my saints together H622 H2623 unto me; those that have made H3772 a covenant H1285 with me by H5921 sacrifice.H2077

Sal 50:6 And the heavens H8064 shall declare H5046 his righteousness: H6664 for H3588 God H430 is judge H8199 himself. H1931 Selah.H5542

Sal 50:7 Hear, H8085 O my people, H5971 and I will speak; H1696 O Israel, H3478 and I will testify H5749 against thee: I H595 am God, H430 even thy God.H430

Sal 50:8 I will not H3808 reprove H3198 thee for H5921 thy sacrifices H2077 or thy burnt offerings, H5930 to have been continually H8548 before H5048 me.

Sal 50:9 I will take H3947 no H3808 bullock H6499 out of thy house, H4480 H1004 nor he goats H6260 out of thy folds. H4480 H4356

Sal 50:10 For H3588 every H3605 beast H2416 of the forest H3293 is mine, and the cattle H929 upon a thousand H505 hills.H2042

Sal 50:11 I know H3045 all H3605 the fowls H5775 of the mountains: H2022 and the wild beasts H2123 of the field H7704 are mine.H5978

Sal 50:12 If H518 I were hungry, H7456 I would not H3808 tell H559 thee: for H3588 the world H8398 is mine, and the fulness H4393 thereof.

Sal 50:13 Will I eat H398 the flesh H1320 of bulls, H47 or drink H8354 the blood H1818 of goats?H6260

Sal 50:14 Offer H2076 unto God H430 thanksgiving; H8426 and pay H7999 thy vows H5088 unto the most High:H5945

Sal 50:15 And call upon H7121 me in the day H3117 of trouble: H6869 I will deliver H2502 thee, and thou shalt glorify H3513 me.

Sal 50:16 But unto the wicked H7563 God H430 saith, H559 What H4100 hast thou to do to declare H5608 my statutes, H2706 or that thou shouldest take H5375 my covenant H1285 in H5921 thy mouth?H6310

Sal 50:17 Seeing thou H859 hatest H8130 instruction, H4148 and castest H7993 my words H1697 behind H310 thee.

Sal 50:18 When H518 thou sawest H7200 a thief, H1590 then thou consentedst H7521 with H5973 him, and hast been partaker H2506 with H5973 adulterers.H5003

Sal 50:19 Thou givest H7971 thy mouth H6310 to evil, H7451 and thy tongue H3956 frameth H6775 deceit.H4820

Sal 50:20 Thou sittest H3427 and speakest H1696 against thy brother; H251 thou slanderest H5414 H1848 thine own mother's H517 son.H1121

Sal 50:21 These H428 things hast thou done, H6213 and I kept silence; H2790 thou thoughtest H1819 that I was H1961 altogether H1961 such an one as thyself: H3644 but I will reprove H3198 thee, and set them in order H6186 before thine eyes.H5869

Sal 50:22 Now H4994 consider H995 this, H2063 ye that forget H7911 God, H433 lest H6435 I tear you in pieces, H2963 and there be none H369 to deliver.H5337

Sal 50:23 Whoso offereth H2076 praise H8426 glorifieth H3513 me: and to him that ordereth H7760 his conversation H1870 aright will I shew H7200 the salvation H3468 of God.H430

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