Salmos  Capitulo 77 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sal 77:1 To the chief Musician, H5329 to H5921 Jeduthun, H3038 A Psalm H4210 of Asaph. H623 I cried H6817 unto H413 God H430 with my voice, H6963 even unto H413 God H430 with my voice; H6963 and he gave ear H238 unto H413 me.

Sal 77:2 In the day H3117 of my trouble H6869 I sought H1875 the Lord: H136 my sore H3027 ran H5064 in the night, H3915 and ceased H6313 not: H3808 my soul H5315 refused H3985 to be comforted.H5162

Sal 77:3 I remembered H2142 God, H430 and was troubled: H1993 I complained, H7878 and my spirit H7307 was overwhelmed. H5848 Selah.H5542

Sal 77:4 Thou holdest H270 mine eyes H5869 waking: H8109 I am so troubled H6470 that I cannot H3808 speak.H1696

Sal 77:5 I have considered H2803 the days H3117 of old, H4480 H6924 the years H8141 of ancient times.H5769

Sal 77:6 I call to remembrance H2142 my song H5058 in the night: H3915 I commune H7878 with H5973 mine own heart: H3824 and my spirit H7307 made diligent search.H2664

Sal 77:7 Will the Lord H136 cast off H2186 for ever? H5769 and will he be favourable H7521 no H3808 more? H3254 H5750

Sal 77:8 Is his mercy H2617 clean gone H656 for ever? H5331 doth his promise H562 fail H1584 for evermore? H1755 H1755

Sal 77:9 Hath God H410 forgotten H7911 to be gracious? H2589 hath he in anger H639 shut up H7092 his tender mercies? H7356 Selah.H5542

Sal 77:10 And I said, H559 This H1931 is my infirmity: H2470 but I will remember the years H8141 of the right hand H3225 of the most High.H5945

Sal 77:11 I will remember H2142 the works H4611 of the LORD: H3050 surely H3588 I will remember H2142 thy wonders H6382 of old. H4480 H6924

Sal 77:12 I will meditate H1897 also of all H3605 thy work, H6467 and talk H7878 of thy doings.H5949

Sal 77:13 Thy way, H1870 O God, H430 is in the sanctuary: H6944 who H4310 is so great H1419 a God H410 as our God?H430

Sal 77:14 Thou H859 art the God H410 that doest H6213 wonders: H6382 thou hast declared H3045 thy strength H5797 among the people.H5971

Sal 77:15 Thou hast with thine arm H2220 redeemed H1350 thy people, H5971 the sons H1121 of Jacob H3290 and Joseph. H3130 Selah.H5542

Sal 77:16 The waters H4325 saw H7200 thee, O God, H430 the waters H4325 saw H7200 thee; they were afraid: H2342 the depths H8415 also H637 were troubled.H7264

Sal 77:17 The clouds H5645 poured out H2229 water: H4325 the skies H7834 sent out H5414 a sound: H6963 thine arrows H2671 also H637 went abroad.H1980

Sal 77:18 The voice H6963 of thy thunder H7482 was in the heaven: H1534 the lightnings H1300 lightened H215 the world: H8398 the earth H776 trembled H7264 and shook.H7493

Sal 77:19 Thy way H1870 is in the sea, H3220 and thy path H7635 in the great H7227 waters, H4325 and thy footsteps H6119 are not H3808 known.H3045

Sal 77:20 Thou leddest H5148 thy people H5971 like a flock H6629 by the hand H3027 of Moses H4872 and Aaron.H175

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