Sofonías  Capitulo 3 - King James with Numbers Strong

Sof 3:1 Woe H1945 to her that is filthy H4784 and polluted, H1351 to the oppressing H3238 city!H5892

Sof 3:2 She obeyed H8085 not H3808 the voice; H6963 she received H3947 not H3808 correction; H4148 she trusted H982 not H3808 in the LORD; H3068 she drew not near H7126 H3808 to H413 her God.H430

Sof 3:3 Her princes H8269 within H7130 her are roaring H7580 lions; H738 her judges H8199 are evening H6153 wolves; H2061 they gnaw not the bones H1633 H3808 till the morrow.H1242

Sof 3:4 Her prophets H5030 are light H6348 and treacherous H900 persons: H376 her priests H3548 have polluted H2490 the sanctuary, H6944 they have done violence H2554 to the law.H8451

Sof 3:5 The just H6662 LORD H3068 is in the midst H7130 thereof; he will not H3808 do H6213 iniquity: H5766 every morning H1242 H1242 doth he bring H5414 his judgment H4941 to light, H216 he faileth H5737 not; H3808 but the unjust H5767 knoweth H3045 no H3808 shame.H1322

Sof 3:6 I have cut off H3772 the nations: H1471 their towers H6438 are desolate; H8074 I made their streets waste, H2717 H2351 that none H4480 H1097 passeth by: H5674 their cities H5892 are destroyed, H6658 so that there is no H4480 H1097 man, H376 that there is none H4480 H369 inhabitant.H3427

Sof 3:7 I said, H559 Surely H389 thou wilt fear H3372 me, thou wilt receive H3947 instruction; H4148 so their dwelling H4583 should not H3808 be cut off, H3772 howsoever H3605 H834 I punished H6485 H5921 them: but H403 they rose early, H7925 and corrupted H7843 all H3605 their doings.H5949

Sof 3:8 Therefore H3651 wait H2442 ye upon me, saith H5002 the LORD, H3068 until the day H3117 that I rise up H6965 to the prey: H5706 for H3588 my determination H4941 is to gather H622 the nations, H1471 that I may assemble H6908 the kingdoms, H4467 to pour H8210 upon H5921 them mine indignation, H2195 even all H3605 my fierce H2740 anger: H639 for H3588 all H3605 the earth H776 shall be devoured H398 with the fire H784 of my jealousy.H7068

Sof 3:9 For H3588 then H227 will I turn H2015 to H413 the people H5971 a pure H1305 language, H8193 that they may all H3605 call H7121 upon the name H8034 of the LORD, H3068 to serve H5647 him with one H259 consent.H7926

Sof 3:10 From beyond H4480 H5676 the rivers H5104 of Ethiopia H3568 my suppliants, H6282 even the daughter H1323 of my dispersed, H6327 shall bring H2986 mine offering.H4503

Sof 3:11 In that H1931 day H3117 shalt thou not H3808 be ashamed H954 for all H4480 H3605 thy doings, H5949 wherein H834 thou hast transgressed H6586 against me: for H3588 then H227 I will take away H5493 out of the midst H4480 H7130 of thee them that rejoice H5947 in thy pride, H1346 and thou shalt no H3808 more H3254 H5750 be haughty H1361 because of my holy H6944 mountain.H2022

Sof 3:12 I will also leave H7604 in the midst H7130 of thee an afflicted H6041 and poor H1800 people, H5971 and they shall trust H2620 in the name H8034 of the LORD.H3068

Sof 3:13 The remnant H7611 of Israel H3478 shall not H3808 do H6213 iniquity, H5766 nor H3808 speak H1696 lies; H3577 neither H3808 shall a deceitful H8649 tongue H3956 be found H4672 in their mouth: H6310 for H3588 they H1992 shall feed H7462 and lie down, H7257 and none H369 shall make them afraid.H2729

Sof 3:14 Sing, H7442 O daughter H1323 of Zion; H6726 shout, H7321 O Israel; H3478 be glad H8055 and rejoice H5937 with all H3605 the heart, H3820 O daughter H1323 of Jerusalem.H3389

Sof 3:15 The LORD H3068 hath taken away H5493 thy judgments, H4941 he hath cast out H6437 thine enemy: H341 the king H4428 of Israel, H3478 even the LORD, H3068 is in the midst H7130 of thee: thou shalt not H3808 see H7200 evil H7451 any more.H5750

Sof 3:16 In that H1931 day H3117 it shall be said H559 to Jerusalem, H3389 Fear H3372 thou not: H408 and to Zion, H6726 Let not H408 thine hands H3027 be slack.H7503

Sof 3:17 The LORD H3068 thy God H430 in the midst H7130 of thee is mighty; H1368 he will save, H3467 he will rejoice H7797 over H5921 thee with joy; H8057 he will rest H2790 in his love, H160 he will joy H1523 over H5921 thee with singing.H7440

Sof 3:18 I will gather H622 them that are sorrowful H3013 for the solemn assembly, H4480 H4150 who are H1961 of H4480 thee, to whom the reproach H2781 of H5921 it was a burden.H4864

Sof 3:19 Behold, H2009 at that H1931 time H6256 I will undo H6213 (H853) all H3605 that afflict H6031 thee: and I will save H3467 (H853) her that halteth, H6760 and gather H6908 her that was driven out; H5080 and I will get H7760 them praise H8416 and fame H8034 in every H3605 land H776 where they have been put to shame.H1322

Sof 3:20 At that H1931 time H6256 will I bring H935 you again, even in the time H6256 that I gather H6908 you: for H3588 I will make H5414 you a name H8034 and a praise H8416 among all H3605 people H5971 of the earth, H776 when I turn back H7725 (H853) your captivity H7622 before your eyes, H5869 saith H559 the LORD.H3068

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