1 Crónicas  Capitulo 21 - King James with Numbers Strong

1Cr 21:1 And Satan H7854 stood up H5975 against H5921 Israel, H3478 and provoked H5496 (H853) David H1732 to number H4487 (H853) Israel.H3478

1Cr 21:2 And David H1732 said H559 to H413 Joab H3097 and to H413 the rulers H8269 of the people, H5971 Go, H1980 number H5608 (H853) Israel H3478 from Beersheba H4480 H884 even to H5704 Dan; H1835 and bring H935 (H853) the number H4557 of them to H413 me, that I may know H3045 it.

1Cr 21:3 And Joab H3097 answered, H559 The LORD H3068 make his people H5971 an hundred H3967 times H6471 so many more H3254 as they H1992 be: but, my lord H113 the king, H4428 are they not H3808 all H3605 my lord's H113 servants? H5650 why H4100 then doth my lord H113 require H1245 this thing? H2063 why H4100 will he be H1961 a cause of trespass H819 to Israel?H3478

1Cr 21:4 Nevertheless the king's H4428 word H1697 prevailed H2388 against H5921 Joab. H3097 Wherefore Joab H3097 departed, H3318 and went H1980 throughout all H3605 Israel, H3478 and came H935 to Jerusalem.H3389

1Cr 21:5 And Joab H3097 gave H5414 (H853) the sum H4557 of the number H4662 of the people H5971 unto H413 David. H1732 And all H3605 they of Israel H3478 were H1961 a thousand H505 thousand H505 and an hundred H3967 thousand H505 men H376 that drew H8025 sword: H2719 and Judah H3063 was four H702 hundred H3967 threescore and ten H7657 thousand H505 men H376 that drew H8025 sword.H2719

1Cr 21:6 But Levi H3878 and Benjamin H1144 counted H6485 he not H3808 among H8432 them: for H3588 the king's H4428 word H1697 was abominable H8581 to(H853) Joab.H3097

1Cr 21:7 And God H430 was displeased H3415 H5869 with H5921 this H2088 thing; H1697 therefore he smote H5221 (H853) Israel.H3478

1Cr 21:8 And David H1732 said H559 unto H413 God, H430 I have sinned H2398 greatly, H3966 because H834 I have done H6213 (H853) this H2088 thing: H1697 but now, H6258 I beseech thee, H4994 do away H5674 (H853) the iniquity H5771 of thy servant; H5650 for H3588 I have done very foolishly. H5528 H3966

1Cr 21:10 Go H1980 and tell H1696 H413 David, H1732 saying, H559 Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD, H3068 I H589 offer H5186 H5921 thee three H7969 things: choose H977 thee one H259 of them, H4480 H1992 that I may do H6213 it unto thee.

1Cr 21:11 So Gad H1410 came H935 to H413 David, H1732 and said H559 unto him, Thus H3541 saith H559 the LORD, H3068 Choose H6901 thee

1Cr 21:12 Either H518 three H7969 years' H8141 famine; H7458 or H518 three H7969 months H2320 to be destroyed H5595 before H4480 H6440 thy foes, H6862 while that the sword H2719 of thine enemies H341 overtaketh H5381 thee; or else H518 three H7969 days H3117 the sword H2719 of the LORD, H3068 even the pestilence, H1698 in the land, H776 and the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 destroying H7843 throughout all H3605 the coasts H1366 of Israel. H3478 Now H6258 therefore advise H7200 thyself what H4100 word H1697 I shall bring again H7725 (H853) to him that sent H7971 me.

1Cr 21:13 And David H1732 said H559 unto H413 Gad, H1410 I am in a great strait: H6887 H3966 let me fall H5307 now H4994 into the hand H3027 of the LORD; H3068 for H3588 very H3966 great H7227 are his mercies: H7356 but let me not H408 fall H5307 into the hand H3027 of man.H120

1Cr 21:14 So the LORD H3068 sent H5414 pestilence H1698 upon Israel: H3478 and there fell H5307 of Israel H4480 H3478 seventy H7657 thousand H505 men.H376

1Cr 21:15 And God H430 sent H7971 an angel H4397 unto Jerusalem H3389 to destroy H7843 it: and as he was destroying, H7843 the LORD H3068 beheld, H7200 and he repented him H5162 of H5921 the evil, H7451 and said H559 to the angel H4397 that destroyed, H7843 It is enough, H7227 stay H7503 now H6258 thine hand. H3027 And the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 stood H5975 by H5973 the threshingfloor H1637 of Ornan H771 the Jebusite.H2983

1Cr 21:16 And David H1732 lifted up H5375 (H853) his eyes, H5869 and saw H7200 (H853) the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 stand H5975 between H996 the earth H776 and the heaven, H8064 having a drawn H8025 sword H2719 in his hand H3027 stretched out H5186 over H5921 Jerusalem. H3389 Then David H1732 and the elders H2205 of Israel, who were clothed H3680 in sackcloth, H8242 fell H5307 upon H5921 their faces.H6440

1Cr 21:17 And David H1732 said H559 unto H413 God, H430 Is it not H3808 I H589 that commanded H559 the people H5971 to be numbered? H4487 even I H589 it H1931 is that H834 have sinned H2398 and done evil indeed; H7489 H7489 but as for these H428 sheep, H6629 what H4100 have they done? H6213 let thine hand, H3027 I pray thee, H4994 O LORD H3068 my God, H430 be H1961 on me, and on my father's H1 house; H1004 but not H3808 on thy people, H5971 that they should be plagued.H4046

1Cr 21:18 Then the angel H4397 of the LORD H3068 commanded H559 H413 Gad H1410 to say H559 to David, H1732 that H3588 David H1732 should go up, H5927 and set up H6965 an altar H4196 unto the LORD H3068 in the threshingfloor H1637 of Ornan H771 the Jebusite.H2983

1Cr 21:19 And David H1732 went up H5927 at the saying H1697 of Gad, H1410 which H834 he spake H1696 in the name H8034 of the LORD.H3068

1Cr 21:20 And Ornan H771 turned back, H7725 and saw H7200 (H853) the angel; H4397 and his four H702 sons H1121 with H5973 him hid themselves. H2244 Now Ornan H771 was threshing H1758 wheat.H2406

1Cr 21:21 And as David H1732 came H935 to H5704 Ornan, H771 Ornan H771 looked H5027 and saw H7200 (H853) David, H1732 and went out H3318 of H4480 the threshingfloor, H1637 and bowed himself H7812 to David H1732 with his face H639 to the ground.H776

1Cr 21:22 Then David H1732 said H559 to H413 Ornan, H771 Grant H5414 me the place H4725 of this threshingfloor, H1637 that I may build H1129 an altar H4196 therein unto the LORD: H3068 thou shalt grant H5414 it me for the full H4392 price: H3701 that the plague H4046 may be stayed H6113 from H4480 H5921 the people.H5971

1Cr 21:23 And Ornan H771 said H559 unto H413 David, H1732 Take H3947 it to thee, and let my lord H113 the king H4428 do H6213 that which is good H2896 in his eyes: H5869 lo, H7200 I give H5414 thee the oxen H1241 also for burnt offerings, H5930 and the threshing instruments H4173 for wood, H6086 and the wheat H2406 for the meat offering; H4503 I give H5414 it all.H3605

1Cr 21:24 And king H4428 David H1732 said H559 to Ornan, H771 Nay; H3808 but H3588 I will verily buy H7069 H7069 it for the full H4392 price: H3701 for H3588 I will not H3808 take H5375 that which H834 is thine for the LORD, H3068 nor offer H5927 burnt offerings H5930 without cost.H2600

1Cr 21:25 So David H1732 gave H5414 to Ornan H771 for the place H4725 six H8337 hundred H3967 shekels H8255 of gold H2091 by weight.H4948

1Cr 21:26 And David H1732 built H1129 there H8033 an altar H4196 unto the LORD, H3068 and offered H5927 burnt offerings H5930 and peace offerings, H8002 and called H7121 upon H413 the LORD; H3068 and he answered H6030 him from H4480 heaven H8064 by fire H784 upon H5921 the altar H4196 of burnt offering.H5930

1Cr 21:27 And the LORD H3068 commanded H559 the angel; H4397 and he put up his sword again H7725 H2719 into H413 the sheath H5084 thereof.

1Cr 21:28 At that H1931 time H6256 when David H1732 saw H7200 that H3588 the LORD H3068 had answered H6030 him in the threshingfloor H1637 of Ornan H771 the Jebusite, H2983 then he sacrificed H2076 there.H8033

1Cr 21:29 For the tabernacle H4908 of the LORD, H3068 which H834 Moses H4872 made H6213 in the wilderness, H4057 and the altar H4196 of the burnt offering, H5930 were at that H1931 season H6256 in the high place H1116 at Gibeon.H1391

1Cr 21:30 But David H1732 could H3201 not H3808 go H1980 before H6440 it to enquire H1875 of God: H430 for H3588 he was afraid H1204 because H4480 H6440 of the sword H2719 of the angel H4397 of the LORD.H3068

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